Why You Shouldn’t Flush Flushable Cat Litter And How You Could Manage Cat Litter

Many of us love cats and they are a very common pet that many people have. But have you ever wondered about the cat litter, do you through it in the bin or just flush down your toilet! Cat litter can be flushed down the toilet and it is biodegradable but you should not flush it. This is because cat litter has a parasite called toxoplasmosis which is very harmful to aquatic animals. It causes the death of certain fishes and thus can destroy the aquatic ecosystem. Even the treatment plants cannot degrade these parasites so the litter better not be added to the flushing system. But again, cat litters just cannot be stored at the house like because they smell horrible and might just spread the smell throughout your apartment. So here are a few tips so that you can efficiently manage the cat litter.

Tips to manage cat litter and not flushing them down the pipeline

  • Choose a proper litter box so that the smell does not come out of it. This will prevent the smell from spreading across your house.
  • Do not store the litter for a longer time. Make sure you through it away within a day or two.
  • Wash the litter box with vinegar and baking soda. This is a very good home remedy to clean litter boxes.
  • Choose some effective cat litter odour eliminators. These could be a great help to you especially for maintaining fresh smell in your house. If you want to find some good options regarding the odour eliminators just check this website out https://bestcatlitterforodorcontrol.com/ . They have a detailed review of each odour eliminator and you could just find the correct one for your home if you go through these articles.
  • Instead of using a litter odour eliminating spray just use a powdered odour eliminator. This helps to create any additional smell around your room.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the litter box even before you add the litter. This also helps a lot in controlling odour.
  • Know the breed and other characters of your cat. This will help you find the correct diet and odour eliminator and even litter management techniques for your cat. So, go ahead and do some research about the breed of your pet.

These tips are quite effective in controlling odour from cat litter.

What if you have multiple cats at home?

Having multiple cats at home is not an easy task to maintain. If you are in such a situation just choose a bigger little box instead of multiple small litter boxes. A big litter box can be really difficult to clean and for such problems you can just get an auto cleaning litter box. This would help you to manage everything more effectively.

So depending on your position, the number of cats you are having, breed of your cats, the amount of effort you can put behind your cats and definitely your budget just choose the ideal option to successfully manage the cat litter in your home.

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