Why You Should Not Go on a Diet

Conflicting messages – That’s what we get from the media, the food industry, your mother, the clothing business, etc. No wonder we’re all insane about our weight.
First your momma tells you to “Eat! Eat everything on your plate”, because children in third world countries are starving. Then we find out that it’s the epitome of chic to look like one of those starving third world children.

Then we go to our favorite restaurant and they want to feed you until you can’t even see your bones on an x-ray! So we eat. We’re paying for it, might as well eat it. You can always go to the CoolSculpting & Body Contouring Specialist if you get too fat anyway.

Then we go to the clothing store and find out that the only store that carries YOUR size is Walmart, if you’re lucky.

No wonder there are so many of us walking around with eating disorders. Either we’re afraid to eat anything with the least caloric value or we feel so badly about ourselves we’re pigging out on candy, baked goods and super sized French fries.

So the big questions are, “how much should I weigh” and “what should I eat”.

First of all, if you have an eating disorder than renders you helpless against food or the refusal of food, seek medical counsel immediately. Your life may be in danger.

For the rest, who just want to feel good, be comfortable and maintain our mobility into our old age, perhaps the below guidelines will prove helpful.

First of all DO NOT go on a “diet”. Changing your eating habits just long enough to lose some weight is not a permanent solution. As soon as you return to your normal eating routine, the weight you lost will just be regained. Check out a height/weight chart here @

And don’t berate yourself for not being on the “minimum” end of the chart.

Make subtle changes in your diet by choosing a healthier alternative to the snacks and comfort foods you reach for almost unconsciously.

Instead of dropping every-thing from your menu at once, try one replacing one item at a time until you automatically reach for the celery sticks instead of the chocolate bar.

In general, stay away from sugar, white flour and heavy carb food items.

Go green whenever possible and keep in mind that products labeled “low fat” are usually compensating with sugar which ultimately turns into fat. Don’t be fooled by a marketing gimmick.

If you find on a particular day that you can’t stay away from the bakery or the dessert cart at least eat in moderation.

And if you absolutely cannot do that, and you pig out instead, at least add some protein to your daily intake and drink lots of water to help your liver and kidneys flush out the impurities in your system.

Remember that sugar is not your friend but protein is. I’m not saying keep a cooler full of steaks under your desk but a breakfast that consists of an omelet made with fresh broccoli and cheddar cheese is ten times better than a Cheese Danish with a side of hot chocolate.

Make getting healthier your aim. The permanent changes that you make, even a little at a time, will improve not only the state of your health but your weight will eventually stabilize at a point that’s beneficial to the overall quality of your life.

Remember that diets don’t work. You have to do the work, but you’ll also reap the benefits.

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