Where Did Sauna And Steam Come From?

Shopping for your sauna room and steam shower needs is a wonderful experience at poshh.co.uk/saunas.html. But have you ever stopped and wondered where sauna and steam actually came from? Sit back and continue reading because it’s time for a history lesson. In this article, you will find out where the culture of sauna and steam showers came to be.

Sauna and steam started in Finland

It has been said that harnessing heat to be used for showers and bath came from Finland over 2 thousand years ago. As a matter of fact, “sauna” is a Finnish word for a bathhouse, plus this is the only word from the Finnish language that is being used in English. Here’s a little bit more about the history of sauna and steam in Finland:

  • One of the earliest known histories about steam and sauna in Finland was that the first sauna was built deep in the ground. They had to dig into a causeway. Fortunately, years later, they had to build it above the ground for easier access to more people.
  • Eventually, sauna became a huge part of the culture in Finland because it is considered the go-to place for friends and family to get that much-needed physical and mental relaxation.
  • Moreover, as part of the sauna and steam history, the people in Finland used to do saunas to purify the soul of a couple before marriage. Also, before the burial of dead people, their bodies are washed and cleaned inside the sauna room.

Health benefits of Sauna and Steam according to history

Over the years, experts have found out about all the health benefits of sauna and steam. These are the following:

  • Regularly visiting the sauna and steam room will definitely help in improving your skin. The steam from the sauna allows the help eradicate the impurities and toxins in the skin. This is also a great way to treat acne and make your skin redeem that healthy and youthful glow.
  • Throughout the years, regular stops to the sauna room will help in weight loss. This works because the steam is said to help reduce the water weight in the body. However, it is important to note that this is not a definite mode of losing weight, exercise and a balanced diet are still the way to go.

  • Another known benefit of the sauna and steam that has not changed over the years is that it is a good source of relaxation. A solid 30 minutes in the sauna room is already enough time to relieve tension and soothe the muscles in the body. Plus, the steam can help minimize joint pain and headaches. This is why professional athletes head straight to the sauna room after an intense game or a workout.
  • Last but not least, spending time inside the sauna is a good time to be alone or something that you can do with your friends and family to bond. Either way, you get all the physical benefits plus you get to spend time with the people that you love.
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