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What People Need To Consider While Getting Rainbow Fog Wrap?

Rainbow Fog is a new item introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale that will be appearing in Season 6. The main thing about the Rainbow Fog Wrap is that it can cause you and your teammates to lose visibility, making you more vulnerable to attack. Also, if you are wearing this wrap, other players won’t see you in the game at all which means they’ll be less likely to shoot at you. 

While we don’t have any details on how the Rainbow Fog Wrap will affect gameplay, it’s possible that some changes might be coming to Fortnite soon. If you’re looking for ways to prepare for the upcoming season, then here are the four things you need to do to get the Rainbow Fog Wrap yourself. 

Step 1 – Play as much as you can 

The first step to getting the Rainbow Fog Wrap is to play as much as you can so that when the patch drops, you’re already used to its effect. The more you play, the easier it will be to get the Rainbow Fog Wrap since you will have an idea of how it works. In addition to playing, you should also practice with your squad so that everyone knows what to expect from the Rainbow Fog Wrap. 

Step 2 – Make sure you’re well-equipped 

As mentioned earlier, the Rainbow Fog Wrap will make you invisible to enemies. This means that they won’t be able to see you if you wear it. However, if you aren’t equipped properly, there’s a chance that they will still see you and target you. To make sure that you’re prepared for this, it would be best to equip yourself with the following items before you start playing: 




Ammo Box 

You should then go back to your base and wait until the map opens up so that you can use these weapons to kill enemy soldiers. 

Step 3 – Get enough kills 

Once you’ve made sure that you’re well-armed, you should now head back out into the field. Before going out, make sure that your team has a good plan. You should coordinate with your team so that you can move around together without anyone being shot or killed. 

If you’re using a pistol, make sure that you get at least 20 kills with it. Then, switch over to your rifle so that you can get the most out of it. With the SMG, you can get 10 kills with it but only five with a pistol. It’s therefore better to just aim for a higher number of kills with the SMG so that you aren’t wasting ammo. 

Finally, you should aim to get a high amount of kills with your shotgun so that you can gain a lot of experience points. 

Step 4 – Be patient 

Getting the Rainbow Fog Wrap isn’t something that happens very quickly. So even though you know that it’s essential to get the Rainbow Fog Wrap, you might not be able to do it straight away. If you really want to get it, then make sure that you keep playing. When you play a lot, your chances of getting the wrap will increase. 

Also, if you find that you’re having trouble getting the wrap, remember that it’s always OK to ask for help if you need it. There are many people who can give you tips on how to get the wrap. For example, you could talk to Captain Grief on the PS4 version of Fortnite and he may give you some advice on how to get the wrap. Alternatively, you could check YouTube for videos by people who have successfully gotten the wrap. 

If the person will keep these basic things in mind then getting black knight fortnite will become an easy task. The rules of the games are different, a player needs to go through the rules properly and then make the analysis as which will be the best one. The game is quite an easy option for the player; basic understanding of the game is must for all the players.

With these four steps in mind, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the Rainbow Fog Wrap because you’re already familiar with how it works. You simply need to stick to these steps until you get the wrap. Once you do, you’ll no longer need to worry about being visible in the game. 

Rainbow Fog Wrap FAQs 

What’s the difference between the Raindrop and the Rainbow Fog Wrap? 

There are two different wraps available in the game right now. These are the Raindrop and the Rainbow Fog Wrap. The former makes you completely invisible while the latter makes you a little bit visible. This last one was recently added to the game so it doesn’t exist yet. 

How do I get the rainbow fog wrap? 

When the patch comes out, you will be able to buy the Rainbow Fog Wrap for $500 in the Item Shop. 

Is the rainbow fog wrap useful? 

Yes, the wrap is extremely useful. Not only does it hide you from enemies, but it also makes your teammates unable to see you either. This means that you’ll be able to take them down without them knowing that you’re there. 

Which fortnite weapon is best to get the Rainbow Fog Wrap? 

It’s recommended that you get the Rainbow Fog Wrap on a sniper rifle. This way, you will be able to get a lot of kills since snipers are known for killing people slowly. 

Can you get the rainbow fog wrap without buying it? 

No, you must pay for the wrap. As such, if you want to get it, then you should probably save up and buy it when the patch hits the live servers.

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