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What Are The Various Types Of The Sensory Toys?

I have always been a fan of toys that let me interact with my senses. I enjoy playing dress-up, exploring new worlds and creating imaginary scenarios, so I love sensory toys for this reason. There are many different types of sensory toys out there — from those that provide visual stimulation to those that work on touch and hearing. But what is the most popular type of sensory toy? 

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Sight Toys 

Vision toys are probably the most common type of sensory toy. They can be as simple as cardboard cutouts or as complex as interactive electronic games. The best sight toys stimulate your imagination by letting you explore an amazing world full of interesting characters and objects. You might also get to try on some fun costumes and make-believe accessories. These toys provide lots of opportunities to role play and make up stories. If you’re looking for something that’s going to help you build a solid foundation for storytelling, then a good sight toy will do just fine. 

Sound Toys 

If you like to listen while you play, you’ll love sound toys. They include all kinds of sounds that range in pitch and volume. Some toys feature only one type of sound, others allow you to use different parts of the body to create various effects. For example, you could use your hands to modulate the pitch of a musical instrument, or you could use your feet to control the speed of a car engine. Sound toys are great because they give kids the chance to learn about music and physics at the same time. Plus, they’re fun! 

Touch Toys 

One of the most popular sensory toys is definitely tactile toys. These toys engage your sense of touch. They can involve anything from real materials to plastic models, dolls and even stuffed animals. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a soft material or a rough texture; there’s sure to be something here that’s right for you. This category of toys provides different ways to experience touch, so everyone gets to choose their favorite kind. 

Hearing Toys 

You may not think of hearing toys when you first hear the word “toy,” but they deserve a mention. Hearing toys aren’t necessarily tactile, but they still use sound to stimulate your hearing. Examples include wind chimes, bells, rattles, drums and more. Just like other kinds of toys, you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these hearing toys are designed to be played with outdoors, allowing you to enjoy fresh air while you engage your ears. 

Taste Toys 

Food is another common element used in sensory toys. Most children love tasting new foods, especially when it involves eating candy, cookies or ice cream. Tasting toys come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re made of real food, such as cookie dough or jelly beans. Other times they consist of foodlike substances, such as gummy bears or marshmallows. Still others are edible props that you can use to pretend to eat. 

Smell Toys 

Although smell is often thought of as a secondary sense, it actually plays a major role in how we perceive our environment. Smell is important to people and animals alike, and it can affect our mood and our health. That’s why it’s no surprise that some toys are designed to stimulate your sense of smell. One popular smell toy is a candle. Candles are usually associated with holidays and celebrations, but you can also light candles during quiet moments to add a comforting scent to your home. 

The Best Sensory Toy Is… 

As you might expect, each person has his own preferences when it comes to sensory toys. When selecting which toy is the best for you, consider whether you want to play alone or with friends. Also consider whether you’d like to use the toy once or many times over several days. Then decide how much you want to spend. Finally, you should ask yourself which aspects of your personality are likely to match well with the chosen toy. For example, does your child like to read books? Or maybe she loves puzzles and crafts. In either case, look for toys that appeal to her interests and help you discover new things together. 

A good rule of thumb is to pick a toy that allows you to do something you love to do — whether that’s reading, playing board games, making art projects, building with Legos, learning about science or simply having quiet time. Once you’ve decided on a toy, you can focus on discovering its secrets through exploration and experimentation. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find that the toy is actually better than you expected. 

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