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What Are The Various Online Carding Methods?

Carding forum is a deep web marketplace created by a team of hackers to provide users with a reliable and secure place to purchase illicit items. It is named after carding, which often refers to acts of fraud or identity theft. The website initially launched in 2011 but was taken offline for an unknown period before it was relaunched in early 2014. As of 2017, carding forum is no longer accessible because it has been taken offline indefinitely. 

If you’ve ever been the victim of credit card fraud, you probably know how much of a nightmare it can be. While people are more technologically advanced than ever, cybercriminals are getting cleverer. The only way for you to beat them is by arming yourselves with knowledge. By this point, you’ve likely heard some of the basics about carding. If you want to learn about the various online carding methods, check it out the following details. 

  • Ghosting 

It is where you fake your name and address to apply for credit cards in someone else’s name. It’s not hard to do and doesn’t require any prior knowledge to pull off. It is the most common type of carding method.

  • Envelope 

This method involves using a fake or stolen mailbox or mailbox to send in your credit card applications. The address is usually affected, but the cards are sent out in real envelopes. To start with this process, you’ll need a mailbox with the proper postage and one where your personal information will be safe from prying eyes. It is the most common type of carding method.

  • Black Market 

It can involve buying stolen credit cards that you can then use to get new plastic in someone else’s name and purchasing them outright from other criminals on the black market. To get started with this, you must have found a black market criminal and been given credit cards in exchange for your information. It is one of the most advanced methods of carding.

  • Switching 

It’s where you don’t use a criminal’s stolen cards but ask them to tell you the details of their stolen accounts and what they can do with their accounts in exchange for something else, such as blank checks or stolen goods. Some sellers also prefer to call it card juggling.

  • Agent / Scammer 

It’s when you pretend that you have the information of a real criminal and then sell the information to other criminals on the black market so that they can go ahead and apply for cards in their name or on their behalf. A lot of scammers often pretend to be a potential victims while they are swindling away from them. It is also known as spoofing in some circles.

  • Spoofing 

It’s the process of pretending to be someone else on the phone. For example, your fake ID is often used to create feedback forms and take orders so that a criminal can send you a blank check. Spoofing can also involve using phony driver’s licenses or personal information. Step-by-step instructions are provided with each spoofing kit, which is the most advanced carding method.

  • Advanced Carding 

It’s the most complex type of carding and involves obtaining a criminal’s credit information without their knowledge. It can be done through their social security number, date of birth, and other details.

  • Email 

This method is perfect for those who enjoy long nights of online carding. You can get all the information you need in a short amount of time. There are also times when criminals will prefer to use email as opposed to other methods because it’s simple and easy. It is the quickest carding method and a good beginner’s choice. 

  • Transactions 

It is a fast and speedy method that comes with many perks. Merchants can receive their merchandise within days rather than weeks, and the customer feels protected because their information is safe. The buyer can also return the package if the product isn’t in good condition or if they don’t like it.

  • Paying with Cash 

This method is often used by people looking to make quick cash. It’s the most common carding method; customers can pay for the item using money. As a result, the merchant will receive their merchandise quickly and without hassle. It is also a secured option for buyers because they can pay in person instead of getting someone else to buy it online.


Although you always hear about new online carding methods being brought up, they are hardly ever accurate. Many of them are myths, and many of the details that have been listed as facts may have never occurred. The bottom line is that you can go on forums, search for information and ask for advice from people who know what they’re talking about.

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