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Vibe To Musical Aura With Spotify’s New Feature!

To spend our time when we are alone or bored after continuous work or studying, we tend to do some activities which amuse us. There are a lot of things that we do like; playing games, singing, dancing, crafts, or listening to some music. We don’t stick to one particular activity again and again. Sometimes we also try to take upon new hobbies and not many energy-requiring activities like reading or writing. 

But when we get bored, we do not always do productive activities. But it makes us productive for the rest of the day and gives us the energy to do our work. 

In this article, you will get to know about a new feature of a leading music streaming app; Spotify. Moreover, we will also take a look at why it is so popular.


Selecting music of your choice is a tough decision. 

Since there are so many categories of music, for example; Jazz, classical, pop, rock, etc. And there is always new music that is added to the list. Hence to pick and listening to a song becomes very difficult. Most of the time goes into selecting a song only. And when there are many songs that you get from across the world, it would become hard to understand if the song is good or bad. 

And if you are a creator then it would be more difficult for you to choose and upload in a particular genre. You must know that most artists even buy Spotify plays to raise their popularity and make their music trending. 

Why Spotify is so popular among all the other streaming apps? 

First of all, on this app, you can find multiple genres of music, from classical to pop as well as hip hop and R&B, etc. All the genres are included that to in a systematic manner. Also, it supports multiple languages thus helping a lot of people who don’t speak or read English. It also has support for the regional languages in the particular country. 

You can listen to podcasts in all languages as well as there is a category for songs that are trending on social sites. 

Spotify for the starting and new streamers?

You can download the app for free from the digital store available on your smartphone and PC or their website. You have to create an account using either your phone or email id. 

Once your account is created you can select the language of music you like to hear and continue enjoying. This is for the listeners. 

You can also create your channel on Spotify. You can either upload music or a podcast on your channel. There are many platforms available by using which you can upload your music or the podcast. 

Furthermore, if you want to boost your channel’s popularity and let it become renowned, then you can also buy Spotify plays by paying the real money. Few sites provide such types of services to the creators. 

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