Three Businesses That Can Be Started for a Hundred Dollars or Less

At some point in our lives we’ve all thought about having our own business. Sometimes the thought of being your own boss may seem a little scary, but it’s also something that could make you happy. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing, and will it be profitable for you? These are some of the questions that you have to ask yourself, when you’re thinking about starting a business. Most of us don’t follow our dreams of starting a new business, because we don’t think that we have enough money to do so. There are so many easy businesses, all with a very low start-up cost. Listed below are three businesses that can be started right away, for one hundred dollars or less.

Window Washer

Having a window washing business can be very profitable, because you can do several clients in one day. This business does not require many supplies. The only supplies that you will need are, a bucket and some towels, a squeegee, glass cleaner, spray bottles, business cards and some receipts. Obtaining clients can be fairly easy, simply go to some local businesses such as doctors offices, real estate offices and gas stations are a definite plus, and any other store front businesses that have windows. Each of these businesses have in and out traffic all day, and someone has to do the windows at least three times a week. Why not let it be you?

Hauling Service

A hauling service is an excellent business to have, simply because most home owners have some type of junk in their basement or garage that they would like gone. Print up some flyers, and take a day to pass them out to some home owners. Try to go on a Saturday, so you can talk to a few people and give them some quotes. Your flyer could say that you pick up in certain areas on specific days. This will allow you do all of your pick ups in one area on the same day, so that you can get more done. If you don’t have a truck to start with , you can rent a truck from places such as U-Haul. Some companies rent trucks for as low as $20 a day, so if you have a strong back and you don’t mind getting a little dirty, this could be the business for you.


Home Day Care

If you truly love children, having a day care in your home can be very rewarding. Most day care centers are very expensive, so therefore this is a business that will help many parents. To advertise your business, you can start out by babysitting for family members or posting flyers, and of course word of mouth. If you want to, you can provide the meals for the children and have the parents provide the snacks. Toys and children’s books for your day care can be purchased from resale shops at a very low price. This is a business that will become successful in a short time, simply because parents are always looking for reasonable day care for their children.

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Now is the time to start your own business, take advantage of one of these easy business ideas today!

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James Scott is a general news and feature writer of Untitled Magazine. Prior joining the company, he previously worked as a senior writer in different publishing companies in New York.