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The Way Towards The Spiritual Growth through Intimate relationship

In the old days, it was believed by people that intimate relationships are nothing but an obstacle on the path of enlightenment or spiritual growth. If you are looking for spiritual growth then you must have to abandon all the materialistic desires, relationships from your life, then being a monk or priest to embark on the journey of pilgrimage.

To put it in simple words, human relationships were considered to be a weakness for people who desire to expand their spirituality. However, with changing times many new and old abandoned ideas have been resurfacing that the intimate relationship can be the vehicle that would take us to the spiritual life.

How to go for best relationship?

The Roman catholic priest, Thomas Marton has written in his book, “Love and Living” that the intimate union in a relationship is an expression of deep personal love and a path that leads to deepening, perfecting and sanctification of love.

The link between intimate relationships and spirituality is quite strong. As mentioned in the ancient scriptures of Hindu mythology and Budha teachings. Spiritual growth involving intimate relationships deepens the bond. That bond eventually helps the individual to find spirituality.

However, in the present time, we see people on the path to seek spirituality are having a hard time maintaining their relationship. It’s only because of the effort given by a single person. While he is struggling to walk towards the path of spirituality he isn’t being backed by his or her partner. Which happens either because of some misunderstanding or a different perspective. Which isn’t a great example of a healthy relationship. In a relationship, we are bound to support each other.


The late renowned psychologist John welwood has said that, in the charnel ground where we acknowledge and work with our wounds, fears and illusions of one another, is what causes the real awakening. Most of the close relationship involves this three-level of interaction,

  • Ego to Ego
  • Person to Person
  • Being to Being

Sex and spirituality

Being intimate doesn’t always mean having sex, it may be hugs, cuddles and kisses. However, the link between sex and spirituality is quite strong. In a sense, we can say that our sex drive is like the life force. It’s just like nature, procreation, the ability to produce offspring is nothing but a clue that it is the absolute life force. Even the word libido is translated into life-force. Checkout this proextender review.

But how does this proves the fact that the link between sex and spirituality is stronger? In an intimate relationship, we love and are loved. Which makes you more content, less driven, spontaneous, and joyful. In this way, you are able to contribute more to the well being of others in your society. You’ll care about other people’s feelings. Attuned to joy, needs, sufferings of others.

Spirituality is all about finding out who we are, what are our values, true intentions, desires. Intimacy obviously plays a greater part in that after all, a loving relationship is what holds the key.

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