The Internet is Making Me Sick

The internet is making me horribly sick. I’m not talking about bad vision and carpal tunnel syndrome (or being addicted to porn sites): I’ve got everything from lupus to diabetes.

Self-diagnosis is a real slippery slope. To save the time and money it takes to see a doctor, many Americans are turning to sites like WebMD, which can give you a diagnosis within minutes once you type in your symptoms. Well, it’ll give you a list of about fifty diagnoses to choose from. But once you’ve made your choice on which disease or syndrome you would like to have, that’s all WebMD can do for you. It would be great if in the future computers will have needles and those cameras that they run through your colon attached to them, so we can do all our tests at home. But for now, WebMD will have to do.

So my legs are bothering me. I type in “leg pain”. I could be suffering from nerve pain due to diabetes, or I could have peripheral artery disease and be at risk for clots that could give me a heart attack. Wow. Now I feel sooo much better.

Then I notice one day my face keeps getting flushed and red. I look up “flushed face” and “facial redness”, and it turns out I could be going through menopause; I have rosacea; or I have lupus. Well, that was really helpful. Then I start reading the OTHER symptoms of lupus: fatigue (I do feel kind of tired!), hair loss (My forehead does look a little bigger than usual!), and painful joints (My arms are pretty sore!). So I have lupus. Well, that’s just great. Now what do I do?

I could go rush to the doctor and have a dozen different tests done on me, the result of which will either be negative or “inconclusive”, which is a term that I just love to hear from a doctor. It’s comforting to know that there may be something wrong with you, but they just can’t tell you what it is. Or I could use a little common sense before I start completely freaking out.

I’m 24 and 125 pounds, so I’m probably not at risk for diabetes or going through menopause. More than likely my legs have been bothering me from sitting in a rock-hard office chair for too long at once, so I just need to get up and move around some. There are about 100 other symptoms of lupus that I don’t have, and my husband tells me I’m not losing my hair. I also had just drank about 3 cups of coffee when my face got flushed, so I was probably overreacting to a side effect of too much caffeine consumption. And my arms probably hurt because all I do is sit around and type all day.

The bottom line here is: If you do have something REALLY wrong with you, just go to the doctor, and STAY AWAY FROM WEBMD! As soon as you type in your symptoms, you will have contracted some rare disease and will be dead before you know it.

It is more advisable and better to go to and look for the best coupon deals from different stores rather than making yourself so frustrated because of the things that are going around the internet or web. You deserve better!

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James Scott is a general news and feature writer of Untitled Magazine. Prior joining the company, he previously worked as a senior writer in different publishing companies in New York.