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Some Common Styles And The Designs Of The Chest Of The Drawers

If you’re a fan of functional storage, there’s no better way to go about it than by adding some quality drawer systems that will make your closet more organized. If you’ve been looking for ways to maximize your space without compromising on style, look no further than this list of awesome chest of drawers. 

Whether you want a simple solution or something more elaborate, we’ve got you covered. From sleek designs with adjustable shelves and built-in lighting options to unique solutions with hidden compartments and secret drawers, there are plenty of stylish options here. 

  1. Pivot 3 Drawer Chest 

Pivot 3 makes a variety of chests that can fit in almost any room. The 3 Drawer Chest is just one example of their offerings, but it’s definitely my favorite. With its simplistic design, it can be used as a single stand-alone unit or as part of a larger set. It comes in three different sizes and has multiple finishes, including oak, maple, and cherry. The 3 Drawer Chest also includes two small pullout trays that can hold up to six items each. And if you don’t need so many items, you can always opt for a 1 Drawer Chest instead. 

  1. Minka Aarons 6 Drawer Chest 

This beautiful chest from Minka Aarons has an elegant silhouette with 6 large drawers underneath. Each drawer features a smooth wood veneer that perfectly complements the overall design. This is a great option if you’re looking for a piece that won’t take up too much space while still allowing you to store lots of clothes. The 6 Drawer Chest is available in several colors and finishes, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. 

  1. Eero Design 6 Drawer Chest 

Eero Design offers a range of chests that not only give you ample storage space, but they come in all sorts of styles and finishes as well. The 6 Drawer Chest is a popular choice because it combines both function and aesthetics. It features six spacious drawers and a shelf at the top. The piece is finished in a combination of white and black tones that make it a solid choice for any room. 

  1. K&Co. 5 Drawer Chest 

The K&Co. 5 Drawer Chest is another great option for those who like having lots of space to store all of their clothing. It has five large drawers and one small drawer underneath that can host up to 10 smaller accessories. This is a great choice if you have a lot of shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories that you tend to keep together. 

  1. Ikea Breda 4 Drawer Chest 

Ikea isn’t known for crafting high-end pieces, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect good quality from them. The Breda 4 Drawer Chest is just such a piece. It features four spacious drawers and one small drawer inside that can hold up to 15 items. It also includes a locking mechanism to ensure that you’ll never lose anything. Aside from the small drawer, the rest of the interior is made out of durable birch, which means that it’s easy to clean. You can find this chest in several finishes, including pine, walnut, and oak, to match your existing decor. 

  1. Lamps Plus 5 Drawer Chest 

Lamps Plus is known for offering high-quality lamps and other home décor products, but they also offer some great options for cabinets, furniture, and other household essentials. The 5 Drawer Chest is actually a cabinet that’s ideal for storing all sorts of things. It’s constructed from sturdy steel and has five spacious drawers that provide ample storage space. It also includes a hinged lid that doubles as a tray and a hanging rod for extra organization. 

  1. Smeg 2 Drawer Chest 

Smeg is one of our favorite brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, but their furniture line is equally impressive. The 2 Drawer Chest is just one example of their offerings. It has two open drawers and a shelf above that can hold up to 14 items. It’s constructed from a mixture of cherry and ash wood that provides it with a rich and warm finish that complements any existing decor. It’s available in various colors and finishes, so you can easily combine it with your existing furniture. 

  1. West Elm 2 Drawer Chest 

West Elm is famous for its affordable furniture and home décor items, but they also have some incredible pieces on display. The 2 Drawer Chest is one of them. It features two open drawers that can store up to 12 items each and a shelf above that can hold up to seven more. This is a great option if you prefer a simpler design. It looks great in virtually any room and is designed to complement any existing decor. 

  1. Bed Bath & Beyond 8 Drawer Chest 

Bed Bath & Beyond is a major retailer that sells everything from electronics to home goods. But they also sell some pretty amazing furniture, including this 8 Drawer Chest. It has eight spacious drawers that can store up to 30 items each. They aren’t adjustable, but they do include dividers that help you sort out the contents of each drawer. The drawers are finished in dark mahogany and the piece is available in several color choices, ensuring that it can blend in seamlessly with your living space. 

  1. Wayfair 8 Drawer Chest 

Wayfair is a huge online retailer that specializes in selling all kinds of home décor and furniture. One of their best sellers is the 8 Drawer Chest. It features eight spacious drawers that can store up to 44 items each. Each drawer is finished in white and it has a hinged lid that allows you to access the contents without removing them completely. To add a bit of flair, the drawers are decorated with simple lines and circles. 

  1. Target 9 Drawer Chest 

Target is one of our favorite retailers when it comes to home décor and furnishings. They offer all types of items, but there are some that really stand out. The 9 Drawer Chest is one of them. It has nine spacious drawers that can store up to 36 items each. It also features an adjustable shelf that can hold up to 16 additional items. The drawers feature chrome accents, ensuring that they look modern and fashionable.

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