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Six types of relationships that one should know about

Relationships are a vital part of life. Be it close or distant, good support can be expected from the relationships. However, there are different relationships ranging from close to challenging ones. To maintain a healthy relationship, one must follow good communication habits with the partner.

It can understand when one knows the six different types of relationships better. So, in this article, the different types of relationships are discussed below. 

What is meant by the word relationship? 

The relationship is nothing but just a way a person feels towards a different person. Relationships can be formed between two or groups of people. It can also be termed as a secure connection between two persons. Healthy relationships must be followed or practiced since this is a vital part of life. 

However, multiple reasons can be cited for talking about bad relationships. It can be emotional, mental, or medical issues that can disrupt one’s relationship. Well, the connections are not going well due to medical problems, then it is the right time to talk with the experts to learn more about Performer 8The experts will guide some advice regarding the relationship issues. 

Enlisting the six types of relationships

Communication is the main factor of relationships. Good communication can enhance the beauty of relationships. Otherwise, it gives birth to bad relationship habits. So, enlisted below are the six different types of relationships that one should know about to understand better relationships.  

  1. Platonic relationship or friendship.
  2. Romantic relationships. 
  3. Codependent or dysfunctional relationship.
  4. Casual dating relationships.
  5. Open relationships.
  6. Toxic or interpersonal relationships. 

Relationships can be positive or negative. Often people concept themselves as romantic relationships when they hear the word relationship. So, without wasting much time, let’s dig the types of relationships in detail: 

  • Platonic relationship or friendship

A platonic relationship is the type of relationship often referred to as friendship. It does not involve any romantic affairs. Friendships are closed bonds that involve respect, understanding nature, care, support, honesty, etc. Friendships can be built with same-sex or also with the opposite sex persons. 

  • Romantic relationships

A relationship characterized by love, as well as attraction, is termed a romantic relationship. It often involved private practices with the other person. Commitment, infatuation, etc., are some of the ample characteristics of this relationship. Well, romantic relationships are also known as passionate relationships. 

  • Codependent or dysfunctional relationship

The word codependent directs the relationships towards the course of dependence. Here, either of one partner is dependent. It can be mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. these relationships are mainly a relationship where one acts as the caregiver or sometimes asks for permission to do work of their choices. 

  • Casual dating relationships

Casual dating relationships don’t include commitment. Also, in this relationship, a person doesn’t expect any monogamous relationship from their partners. It is common among the age groups of young adults. Having consent is very important in this type of relationship. 

  • Open relationships

Open relationships can be part of romantic as well as casual dating relationships. It is a non-monogamous relationship where two or more partners are involved in sexual activities or intimate relationships. 

  • Toxic or interpersonal relationships

If a relationship is not working well involves scenes of humiliation, disrespectful behavior, blaming, etc., it is a toxic or interpersonal relationship. It is the form of an unhealthy relationship. Be it a friendship or family relationship; they can be termed a toxic relationship. 


Not only is communication essential, but trust, respect, honesty, closeness, etc., are equally important. It does not matter what kind of relationship a person is following; it is essential to follow the factors above to maintain a healthy relationship. If the case the worsening, talking out experts can be helpful and for medical issues, speak out experts to learn more about Performer 8 benefits. 

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