Six Tips For Improving 3D Print Quality

A lot of companies and individual businessmen have started using 3D printing as a brand new form of additive manufacturing and to create quick prototypes. 3D printing is a completely computer-based procedure that lays down different layers of a product till the time it is complete. The process requires the use of metal or plastics and usually starts with the 3D digital model of the end product. In case you want to make use of a 3D Print machine, then take a look at these few tips which will help the improve your 3D Print quality. Also, visit and check the different printers.

Adjust the Bed and Nozzle Height –

One of the best ways to improve your printing quality is by adjusting the bed and nozzle height. Most of the 3D printers come with a particular distance that needs to be set between the bed and the nozzle. If the nozzle is properly set, you will see that the paper or gage slides under it very easily. Make sure to constantly check this factor in order to get really good printing.

Check the Nozzle Temperature –

Make sure to keep a track of the nozzle temperature. If the temperature is not of the right amount, then it will affect the printing quality very seriously. Very high temperatures can melt the top layers of the object you are planning to print. Also, if the temperature is not hot enough, then you will not get the desired results. Depending on what you want to print, adjust the temperature during the process and improve the quality.

Use Different Building Plates –

Different build plates allows you to create a wide range of textures on the object you are printing. Materials like PEI, glass or even Kapton tape provides a smooth surface. On the other hand, materials like Painter’s tape or polycarbonate offers a good quality matte finish. Experiment and be creative with build blocks so that you can enjoy the advantages of good finishes.

Pay Attention To Printer Maintenance –

Every printer needs proper maintenance in order to consistently offer good quality printing service. The printer rails should be regularly cleaned and kept clean. The gantry inside the printer needs to be of the same height on all the sides. Even checking if there are any weak spots in the frame, is of vital importance. Keeping a good check on the overall maintenance of the machine will always help you get good quality 3D printing quality for a longer period of time.

Handle The Filament Carefully –

Checking if the filament of the 3D printer is working well or not must be kept in mind. Filaments are usually hydrophilic and tend to absorb water and attract moisture. It can result to serious printing problems. Long term exposure to water can break or crack the filament. So, make sure to handle the filament inside the printer properly and maintain it regularly.

Use a Slicer –

Slicers help to convert the 3D models into instruction sets which operate the printer. In order to get a good quality result, you have to make sure to use a slicer. Analyze and keep a frequent check on the slicer. Slicers have wide range of settings. Adjust them according to the end result you are expecting. Learn more about the use and functions of a slicer, and improve your printing quality.

These are the few amazing tips that will surely help you improve your 3D print quality. Read them carefully and let us know whether they helped you improve your overall quality.

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