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Relationship Depression How To Deal With Two Different Types Of Depression

Relationship depression experienced while still in a relationship will be treated slightly different from the individual who is depressed because their relationship has ended.

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Relationship Depression Within A Relationship

In a relationship, the depression can be alleviated if both partners are willing to listen to each other, communicate clearly how they are feeling, and work together on finding a solution to this problem. They both should realize that after a period of time, if the depression remains after trying different options, they should consult a professional for evaluation and treatment.

Relationship Depression – It’s Over

An individual suffering from relationship depression after their relationship has ended, will have options to help them get over the break-up. If they try the options, the chances are very good their depression will eventually pass. However, depressed individuals don’t “feel” like doing anything! This is a common problem. Family and friends should offer encouragement with regard to trying different options.

In the end, it is up to the person to determine they will take that first step to get over the break-up. Sometimes, the small steps, taken one-at-a-time will lead the individual out of their depression and back to dating and enjoying life. For example, change the hair style, buy some new clothes, go out to dinner or movies with friends, learn something new like golf, tennis, etc. Go on a vacation with friends or a travel group and make new friends. In other words, start socializing and meeting new people. These are healthy alternatives that help the person focus on other things besides their hurt and anger.

Relationship Depression – From Bad To Worse

Unhealthy alternatives are: stalking your ex, constantly texting, phoning, dropping by their home or work. Crying about the situation to anyone and everyone including strangers, until people run when they see you coming. Sit in front of the TV eating and drinking until you have packed on the pounds. Or, go to bars looking for sex in all the wrong places after getting plastered. Do drugs to be the life of the party or to numb the pain. Be loud and abusive when you see your ex out with their new partner. This is a blueprint of how to get on the “Express To Hell”. None of these things will help an individual get over relationship depression – they only make it much, much worse.

Yes, a relationship break-up is emotionally devastating especially if you did not see it coming. Yes, depression within a relationship, is also emotionally devastating. It is devastating for both partners – the one suffering from it and the other who has to deal with it. That’s why it is so important to be able to find the root of the problem.

Relationship Depression – The Big Five

Generally, there are five areas in which couples will have serious problems in their relationship. The relationship depression experienced by an individual may be the result of one or more of these critical problem areas:

  1. Communication. Obviously, being unable to talk to one another is a serious problem. Loud yelling, screaming, and accusations do not count as rational communication. They do, however, count in destroying the relationship and causing depression.
  2. Money is a very big issue. If a couple has different ideas on how to handle money, they may need the help of a financial advisor who can sit down with them and work-up a plan on handling their finances. If they both agree to the plan, and work together, the relationship may be saved.
  3. Trust. If communicating and building trust was not a priority during the relationship then this will be a difficult time for both partners. Trust does not happen overnight, you have to work at building it.
  4. Conflict. This could get physical extremely fast if both individuals are angry. The growing number of women who abuse men is increasing. Unfortunately, it may be more of an issue since men find it difficult to admit being abused by their partner, a woman, and do not report the abuse. Along with the physical abuse, you have emotional and mental abuse from either or both partners. Again, this is tearing down a relationship not building it up.
  5. Sex. For a healthy sexual relationship, you have to be able to talk to each other about your likes and dislikes . The idea is if each does everything they can do to please the “other” partner, you should have an incredible sexual relationship. However, not being able to talk this out, will leave both cold.

Relationship Depression – The Final Choice

Relationship depression within a relationship can be overcome through a conscientious effort by the couple. They can do this by focusing on the problem and together developing strategies that reduce or eliminate the problem.

Relationship depression as the result of a break-up can use family and friends, personal motivation, and socializing strategies that can help the individual cope with, reduce or eliminate the depression.

For either type of relationship depression, some “healthy” action must be taken in order to let go of the past and enjoy life again. In the end, the question is “Do you want to heal and move on enjoying life, or continue to live with the pain and sadness?” The choice is yours!

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