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Relation Theory- Reality Check

You must have heard about the term ‘Relationship Goals’ from time to time. Well, each person has a different perspective about it based on how he has seen relations turn about in his life.

There are many relationships that one can talk about like parent-children, siblings, couples to name a few. In fact, even the bond between best friends is considered a strong relationship that lasts for a long period.

There are many relationship theories that are talked about aside from different myths circulating around them and we are going to discuss a few of them in this article so that the myths can be busted and many doubts in many minds will be cleared.

Myth Buster

First let us understand what is a myth? It is defined as a folklore that is persistent for a longer period of time based on the different narratives that are built up around it by various historians.

Relationship is a topic that is quite complicated to begin with and one doesn’t know how to do so especially someone who has negligible personal experience about it. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that time and life teaches you many things one way or another.

If any reader is just starting on a relationship will get to learn new things about what all to expect about it.

  1. We’ll start with the most obvious which is that no relationship is easy. Right from the word go, it is a turbulent ride that has many twists and turns that can have positive or negative results depending on the circumstances. While many people spend money on a course or application to get a certificate/degree, they hardly spend time learning how things will work out and leave everything to fate

There are many adjustments and compromises that have to be made to make things work out.

  1. Another myth about relationships is that they’re with zero conflict because while one might be expecting a smooth sail in the early stages of romance, a conflict might add a spanner to everything, which leads to both parties automatically assuming that everything is over before it starts and regret entering it in the first place. So to prevent it from happening you need to accept differences of opinion and perspective and learn to compromise on certain things
  2. We are led to believe that every romance lasts for eternity. There’s no such thing as a happily-ever-after due to problems put out by fate because even though you might fall in love and form a bond with your significant other, there’s no saying that it is for an indefinite period
  3. In continuation with the second point, many people assume that their partner should have the same thinking and ideology as themselves which can be dangerous and lead to frequent quarrels so make sure that you’re comfortable with their point of view before cementing the relationship
  4. Never vent out your feelings, whether positive or negative, on your partner as there is a time and place for everything along with a way of expressing
  5. Sex is considered taboo in many countries even in the so called liberated US but you can work things out on bed without going for a Phallosan Forte. Sex is a melting pot for long distance relationships where you’re not able to give enough time to your partner so vent out your emotions on bed to get rid of the pangs you’ve felt during separation

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