Pokémon Go: Get Ready To Experience Mega Evolution Of Pokémon

For those who all love games, Pokémon Go is one of the most popular ones that everybody is well aware of. Pokémon is a trend that many are well aware of, and when the game related to these pokemon came into being, people went berserk. With over 1 billion downloads, these games have changed the mobile gaming scenario. Like many games, Pokémon Go is also coming forward with various augmentations and developments. Currently, it will launch the mega evolution in the game which will bring some major changes and challenges. Read further to know about ispoofer Pokémon go and upcoming evolution. 

About Pokémon Go

This is a mobile game that is built for Pokémon lovers. In this game, the Pokémon world is merged with the real world. One can go around in search of Pokemon in the real world and can capture them as well. This game makes use of maps, which is then used to locate the locations of the Pokémon.

One of the best thing that attracts most of the gamers, is that it is free to download. One can download and start playing on their various mobile devices. Some in-game purchases will require money.  

One of the most fun factors of this game is that it forces people to go out and socialize. As the Pokémon world is augmented with the real world. One will have to get out of their homes and capture the pokemon in various locations. The main target is to build collections by collecting these Pokémon and raising them to make them stronger and more evolved.

One will also have to raise the pokemon and take them to battle. These battles are usually to keep the gym under one’s own reign. One can play ispoofer Pokémon go in groups as they can collect pokemon together or can play against each other in battles to get hold of the gym. 

Mega Evolution in Pokémon Go

In generation VI games of Pokémon X and Y, there is a current development called mega evolution. In this development, certain Pokémon will turn stronger and more developed. This particular evolution will take place when half the battle is complete. For the rest of the battle to make the Pokémon stronger, the Pokémon gets evolved. 

In this, the appearance of the Pokémon and type can change. For making the Pokémon evolve, the trainers will require to have mega stone and evolving keystones. In the RPG game mode, the trainer will have to hold the keystone and the Pokémon will need to have to mega stone. After this only, the Pokémon will evolve in the battle mode. 

Not every pokemon can evolve, as only 46 pokemon can undergo mega evolution. In Pokémon X and Y, there are 26 which can mega evolve and in alpha sapphire and omega ruby, there are 20 which can mega evolve. Also, some of the pokemon can evolve into two or more different types. An evolved Pokémon will have mega added in front of their name.

When it will be launched?

Niantic has announced that this major development will be added to the game in 2020. There are several speculations that it will be added sooner. But looking at the current pandemic situation, it is only feasible to think that the company will wait till lockdown restrictions are lifted across the globe. As then only people can go around catching pokemon freely and then taking them to the battle.

Final words

Pokémon Go is one of the popular games and this development in the game will only make it more fun and popular. The real challenge will be to collect the keystones and mega stone, as these are most crucial for evolving the pokemon. 

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