Life Insurance Suicidal Policies: What Aspects Do You Need To Know?

Life insurance is the policy taken by anyone who wants their families to remain financially secure when they die. But, there are some cases in which the policyholder commits suicide. Many questions arise, whether the nominees will be given the entire sum or not or committing suicide is not considered as an uncertain event, so life insurance pay for it? Lots of questions are there that needs to be answered by someone. So, we are here for your help. Everything depends on the policy terms. Generally, taking cover for suicide may not be included for the first time, but after a year, one can go for it.

In these cases, if you have the cover, undoubtedly, the company will pay the family of the sum assured. Therefore, you must check the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that your loved ones don’t get in trouble at the time of asking for the claim. If the plan didn’t include any coverage for suicide, then there is no chance to get anything. In the guide, we are here to let you know every subtle aspect of life insurance suicidal policies. It does not matter if you go to Life insurance companies UK or somewhere else for the insurance, the rules are going to be the same. Let us talk about the facts below.

  • Why the insurance company provides the cover for suicide death?

Some organizations don’t specifically provide the cover for suicide, but others do. They give the claim to help the emotionally devastated loved ones of that policyholder. The main reason is to support the family to cover loses, both emotionally and financially.

  • The suicidal death cover is given after one year

There is one thing that you need to understand, and it is to know the policyholder must complete one year of the insurance to get eligible for covering the loses of any suicidal attempt. If the person commits suicide with one year, therefore, this will not be considered the covered part in the plan. If you are going for life insurance companies UK, then the rules are going to be the same.

Many companies come with a concept that if the policyholder commits suicide within 12 months of starting the policy, then the person is in the huge debt and wants to get away by buying life insurance. It means the organizations wait for a year to see whether that holder has changed his/her mind of committing suicide or not.

  • Some other facts of the suicidal attempts in life insurance


  1. If the policyholder commits suicide in one year of the policy, then there are chances to get paid only 80 percent of the amount. This is not for sure, and it can only happen when the company agrees. You will not be given any settlement for the extra premium.
  1. Therefore, you have to know about some rules that are set against the paid-up value, in the case when the person dies in 12 months. The policies are the same in almost all insurance plans.
  • Does every insurance policy cover for suicide?

The majority of plans cover this one based on some terms and conditions. If the person commits suicide after a year, all the policies like term insurance, permanent, and others will cover the claim. That means the insurer will pay the entire amount deposited by the policyholder. Those living in the UK can gather more information related to it from the life insurance companies UK.

  • Top suicidal situations where the nominee will not be given insurance claim 
  • If the chosen policy is revived and the holder commits suicide in the first 12 months, then the insurer will reject the settlement.
  • Those who think that providing incorrect information will benefit them are completely wrong. They only increase the chances of rejection from the company.
  • There is no way to ask the employer about taking the claim when everything comes under the life insurance policy. You have to ensure that you have read everything before enrolling in the plan.

To sum up, these are the top aspects that you need to know about life insurance suicidal policies. Always make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

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