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Know all about how to Wear it the Haori Way 

The dressing has always been an essential part of how we reflect the cultures in which we have been born. It is not just wearing clothes, and it is certainly more than that. Dressing up is a deeply personal ritual that reflects your style, which is unique. It builds confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. Remember, the last time you dressed up, how lovely did it make you feel? 

Fashion has always been a dynamic and evolving entity. Nothing becomes outdated as such, but it just keeps on innovating itself according to the times one is living in. Fashion is an art, and it is a religion. 

Though it is true that traditional outfits that once used to be the sole signifier of culture have become vanished, no, not entirely; instead, they have also evolved and renewed themselves as time moved. And, undoubtedly, what are clothes without a story, a history behind them. 

Everybody wants to wear something comfy yet stylish, and indeed good outwear can never run out of style. Haori is something similar to an outwear like a shrug or a jacket, perhaps, but it has a long history and a great culture associated with it. 

It is a traditional Japanese jacket that is generally worn over a kimono which in itself is a traditional dress. But, unlike a coat or a blazer, it is not supposed to hug your body. It is not supposed to be buttoned up either. It is instead a loose outerwear garment that hangs on your torso. Its hem & sleeves are an inch or two more significant than the kimono. It comes with muted colors decorated with printed flower patterns, stripes, cranes, or bamboo designs. Both men & women can quickly wear it to layer their traditional or modern dresses.

Layering is a beautiful art that not just immediately spruces up your everyday outfit but helps you warm yourself in winter climates without doing too much extra work.

The Haori jackets listed here come in three varieties according to the respective styles and needs of the people wearing them: 

Aesthetic Haori Jacket 

Aesthetic is to give beauty, and it is to instill art. So, the Aesthetic Haori jacket is a mix of traditional and modern art. It is something that is exotic and bold at the same time. This quality grants it the timelessness that makes it a perfect fashion statement for any occasion. Wear it to add a little oomph to your next get-together and see the attention it helps you grab for yourself.

Long Haori Jacket

It is made of extremely lightweight material that makes it quite effortless to wear anytime, any day. So, next time you feel the need to grab a cardigan to warm yourself up, switch to this long Haori Jacket which will make you stand out.

Traditional Haori Jacket

Suppose you are to represent your culture in a different land; this traditional Haori jacket would do it better than anything else. Or, if you are just in the mood to feel the aura of the culture that is so full & magnificent in itself, you must surely try this out.

The Haori jackets listed here are versatile fashion pieces. They are so lightweight that they can go with all types of seasons.  

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