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How you can use private note safely?

Private note is normally sent by the admin or an agent related to any particular issue. The end users will not able to see these notes. The notes have to be added within the message. This particular feature can be extremely helpful when an agent is reassigning any issue to another agent and wants to keep a specific note for the latter.

How these notes are used:

Private note are considered to be encrypted notes which will not be seen by the end user. It can be sent to an individual and once the receiver of the note reads the note, it automatically gets destroyed. Hence, this feature is commonly used to share any private message whom you want to keep between you and the receiver. You will not want any third person to know the message by any chance.

How it will work:

When you will check a particular issue in the Dashboard, you will find an option of note below the issue written in a box. You can click on the note button and you will find a new box opened in line with the message where you can add your note. You can then write the note and add ‘@’ sign and then write the name of your colleague whom you want to send the note.

You need to highlight the note with a different color so that it does not look the same with the other messages sent and received with the app user and the agent. Thus, you will negate the chance of accidentally the message getting sent to the app user. Once you complete writing the private note and send it to any particular user, he will get the notification of the same in his or her e-mail with the issue written in the same. 

How long the note will last:

If the target recipient of the private note has already read your note, then it will get purged automatically. However, if by any chance the receiver of the note doesn’t read the note, then it will get purged after 30 days automatically. As it is an encrypted message you are sending, no unintended third person will be able to see the message. 

It actually creates an encrypted link that is sent to the recipient. Hence, even the app where you are generating the private note will not be able to read the same. Hence, these notes are considered to be extremely secure and safe. The hackers will not be able to spy on your message by any chance.

You can use the apps related to private notes for free of cost. You will get fast sending and receiving rights of the messages using these apps. It will help you to notify your colleagues about different points you want to say about any issue without involving any other person in the group. This is why this feature can be used to store different sensitive information such as server configurations, WIFI passwords, recovery codes and others. You will be able to keep all the internal notes safe and secure using this feature as those will remain absolutely private. 

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