How To Teach Your Children That Telling A Lie Is Bad

As a parent one thing that is always going to confront us is teaching them why lying to us, teachers, police officer, or anyone else is bad. Now many parents tackle this problem with a varying degree of success in teaching their kids that lying is bad. However, no one method that anyone uses will work for all of your children. I know that for me teaching each of my kids why lying is bad required two totally different methods. Here is the methods that I have had to use on each of my kids to teach them why lying is bad.

For my daughter she is starting to realize what is a lie and is starting to remember to tell the truth most of the time. However, teaching her what a lie is was difficult at first. Because I had to teach her what the truth is. Now this might seem like it is a simple task, but in the mind of a four year old determining what the truth is can be very hard! So when I was teaching her what a lie is I had to let her know what the truth was and tell her that if she said anything other than what happened it was a lie. When I started doing this she learned what the truth was and then could tell me that instead of telling a lie.

My son was a different story all together for teaching him what a lie is. For him because he is younger than my daughter I had to catch him in the lie first. Which that can be a little bit more difficult than normal, but it is possible. So when I would catch him in the lie I would correct him right away and then teach him why what he did was bad and teach him that the next time he needs to tell me what exactly happened and not tell me what did not happen. This is the method that I have been using so far and it has worked out well so far. You don’t have to use machines such as just to ensure that your kids are not lying. Following some psychological principles can help you teach your child not to lie. So make sure you apply such principles effectively and wisely.

While you might have to try a wide variety of methods in teaching your kids why lying is bad you will want to teach them what a lie is first. After they have learned what a lie is you will be able to teach them why lying is bad to you or any other adult. So these are the methods that I have had to use to ensure that my kids learn what lying is so that I can teach them why lying is bad.

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