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How to Get Followers on Instagram?

Online presence and presentation of brands and organizations have become increasingly significant. It is even more productive and cost-effective to enhance reach among the audience. Instagram is at the peak of the online profitability hierarchy, increasing brand awareness, reach, and reputation and building an engaged audience. But how to overcome the initial phase to build followers especially when it’s a new firm/startup/blog/freelancing? Let’s explore ways to gain more Instagram followers!


It may sound obvious but is it essential to have a structured profile, bio, and image acts as the foundation of the account. The bio should reflect the purpose/product of the account. Also add links of your website, YouTube, LinkedIn if any to extend the relationship with the followers. Initially one can create a follower base easily with friends and family, but it is suggested that you at least put up two posts. Another easy way is to buy Instagram followers. Though it might seem to be tempting, these shortcuts are never worth it. Also, Instagram algorithms are timely updated to remove fake unauthenticated accounts.  


1. Post Consistently

It is suggested that one posts frequently especially at the initial time because it impacts growth and engagement rate among followers. It is found that the more often one posts, the more likes and eventually followers they get. Don’t post randomly, they should be informative and attractive.

2. Use Hashtags

The relevant hashtags provide exposure to the posted images/videos to a large and targeted audience. While Instagram permits the use of 30 hashtags per post at the maximum, one should never constantly add any hashtags. Use trendy, relevant, unique tags. Location tags are also useful as they are informative and relatable to some.

3. Collaborations

Collaborations either through partnerships or sponsorships are effective to expand reach and followers. Through collaborations, both organizations/individuals provide value to their followers while also explore new audiences.

4. Timeliness

When is the best time to post? Well, many prefer to post at night hours since most people use their handles then. But it depends on one’s account too. Instagram analytics tools like Iconosquare or Buffer helps find the best time to post for business accounts.

5. Engagement

Give followers a reason to follow, interact, and engage with them. A great practice is by liking or replying to their comments to the posts. Live sessions are another useful practice.

6. Contests/Giveaways

Invite followers to comment or tag a friend to enter the contest. Giveaways are the most trending as well as an effective tool to gain more followers. This helps to build new followers who through reposting expand their reach further.

7. Cross-Post

With its updates, it’s simple to share your posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr through Instagram which gives extra exposure. Thus, make sure the Instagram account is listed on your website and other social networks as well.

Key point is to be updated with trends, features (filters, reel, IGTV, memes). Lastly, keep an eye on competing or similar accounts and their followers too. Remember to be patient and calm, improvise on creativity, and content constantly.

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