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How The Management Of The Electronic Cigarette Market Is Possible?

There are a few things you can do to help manage the e-cigarette market. It’s important to know how many people use them, where they buy their products and what percentage of sales go to retailers. If you’re in an industry that sells or manufactures e-cigarettes, it’s not as simple as saying “e-cigarettes will kill us.” You have to get inside your customers’ mindsets. 

I’ve been working with suppliers for years now, so I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting my customers to sell more. Here are five tips from e-cigarette manufacturers on managing the market. 

  1. Talk About Health Risks 

Most smokers want to quit, but most don’t want to be told they have cancer, heart disease or emphysema. People are also concerned about losing their jobs and having to pay for medical treatment. The average smoker is between $500-$600 per year worse off because of smoking, according to the CDC. 

When you talk with your customers about health risks, be honest and let them know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. They may still feel good about quitting, but if they lose their job, they’ll probably need to find another one. If you’re selling a product that’s supposed to help someone quit, make sure you tell them it’s not going to cure their bad habits overnight. People who’ve smoked for 30 years have built up a tolerance to nicotine, so you’ll have to give them time to kick the habit. 

  1. Be Honest About Your Product 

If you’re selling electronic cigarettes, you shouldn’t try to hide the fact that they contain nicotine. In some states, you could actually face criminal charges for doing so. But once you’re ready to discuss the pros and cons of e-cigs, keep in mind that people are very interested in hearing both sides of the story. That’s why it’s important to show the potential benefits of switching to vaping and explain its limitations. 

You can also share stories and anecdotes of former smokers who successfully switched over to vaping. These smokers can relate to what other users go through every day and will see that this is an effective solution to their addiction problems. You should also mention the benefits of using nicotine vaporizers instead of tobacco cigarettes. 

  1. Show Off What Your Customers Can Do With Their Vape Pen 

People love gadgets, and if they see something cool at a store, they tend to stop and look around. You can use this opportunity to promote your brand by showing customers how much better they’ll feel after they switch to vaping. For example, if you have a vape pen with a USB charger, show them how easy it is to charge the device while they’re browsing. Or if you offer an e-liquid flavor sampler kit, let them taste the flavors before they buy. This makes them feel like they’re getting great value for their money. 

  1. Don’t Let Them Walk Away Empty Handed 

As soon as you meet someone and start talking about e-cigarettes, you need to ask them if they’d like to purchase one. If they say yes, you want to make sure they have enough money. When they walk out of your store, give them the option to add credit card details on your website, so you can bill them immediately. But even if they don’t want to buy right away, you can always use this opportunity to get their name and email address. 

  1. Give Your Customer Something To Remember 

It’s easy for someone to forget where they saw an item they liked in a shop. If you give them a coupon code, you can give them a reason to come back. Make sure they can redeem their coupon codes online. Also, put in your contact information so they can call you if they ever run into any difficulties. 

Suppliers are a great way to increase sales for your business, but being in control of your own destiny is also good for your company’s bottom line. You can save money on advertising, marketing efforts and promotions if you know exactly how many units you’re making. 

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