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Harold Matzner: From Humble Beginnings to Corporate Success

Harold Matzner had a humble upbringing, but his ambition and hard work led him to become a highly successful corporate executive. Born in 1910 in the small town of West Bend, Wisconsin, he was raised by his father, a traveling salesman, and his mother who maintained the family home. He left school after completing the eighth grade and went to work as a laborer in local factories. Despite these obstacles, Harold set out on an ambitious path that would eventually lead him to success. If you want to know more about Harold, his life story, and his achievements, you can find more info on Harold here: https://www.haroldmatzner.com/biography/

In 1932, Harold moved to Chicago where he worked in accounting for several companies over the next few years. During this time he earned his high school diploma while attending night classes at Wright Junior College. After earning enough money from various jobs, he used it to pay tuition at Northwestern University School of Law, where he graduated in 1942 with a law degree.

Early business ventures

Shortly after receiving his law degree, Harold began investing in real estate and businesses around Chicago, including apartment buildings, gas stations, and retail stores. He also formed partnerships with other investors that proved profitable for all involved. This allowed him to build up capital, enabling him to move into larger investments such as shopping centers and office complexes throughout Illinois and Indiana.

Move to California

In 1971, Harold decided it was time for a change of scenery, so he and his wife Louise (who passed away in 2015) moved from Chicago to Palm Springs, California. Here he continued to make investments ranging from commercial properties such as hotels and casinos to residential developments such as golf courses and resorts – all of which proved to be highly successful ventures for him.

Developing philanthropic interests

During this time, Harold also began to develop interests outside of business, including philanthropic projects such as establishing scholarships through local universities or donating funds to medical research charities such as St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital or the American Cancer Society – both causes close to his heart through personal experience with loved ones suffering from these diseases.

Reaching great heights

By the late 1990s, Harold’s business acumen had led him to become one of the leading real estate developers on the West Coast, as well as president of two major corporations – Oceanside Financial Corporation & Western Mortgage Company – both based in the Palm Springs area. He achieved great heights not only through financial gains but by cultivating relationships within industry circles such as city leaders, bankers, attorneys, etc. His legacy is still felt today through numerous organizations & individuals who have benefited from either his direct involvement or indirect support.

Passing on the torch

At the age of 96, Harold officially retired, passing the torch to younger generations who share a similar enthusiasm & commitment to excellence. With no shortage of plans for the future, we look forward to seeing what else this once-humble beginning has in store for us!

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