Delicious Ways to Cut Calories

Those on a plan for weight-loss often feel deprived, cheated, and even punished when they think they must give up their favorite foods in order to cut calories and lose weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People who don’t completely deprive themselves are more likely to lose weight and keep that weight off indefinitely.

Don’t punish yourself by choosing foods that are bland, tasteless, and boring. You can cut calories while rewarding yourself with foods that are healthful, appetizing, and absolutely delicious. The following ways to cut calories will help you lose the weight you want without feeling like a loser. You can cut calories without cutting flavor.

Healthy Low-fat Sauce

If you love meat and side dishes covered in rich delicious sauce, you don’t have to give up the sauce in an effort to cut calories. There are ways to make delicious sauces that are very low in calories but not low in flavor.

To make healthy low-fat sauce, puree your favorite vegetables in a food processor or blender. Add seasonings of your choice, and enjoy delicious low-cal, low-fat, healthy sauce over fish, potatoes, poultry, or pasta.

Tasty Veggie Toppings

Do you need something to top your baked potato besides fattening butter, cheese sauce, and sour cream? No one likes a dry baked potato. Dice, season, and sauté your favorite veggies, and make a delicious baked potato that only tastes fattening.

You Can Eat Pancakes

If you love pancakes but think you must avoid them in order to lose weight, think again. There are ways to cut calories without cutting flavor. You can enjoy the delicious pancakes you love within moderation, and you can top them with low-calorie low-fat sweet and tasty spreads.

Look for sugar-free pancake syrup in the grocery store, or try one of the many natural jellies or preserves. Jam or jelly on a pancake is truly delicious. Alternately you can top a pancake with your favorite fresh fruit. Top it all with a dollop of reduced-calorie whipped cream, and you’ll have a low-fat sweet treat that no one will believe is low-cal.

Even Hershey’s chocolate syrup isn’t a bad idea because it contains relatively low calories and they make the pancakes look excellent that satisfy our taste buds and people with a sweet tooth would love this alternative as the lost weight might not see a resurge.

Sweet and Tasty Yogurt

Rich creamy yogurt with candy sprinkles or other additions tastes great, but read labels before you make a choice. You might discover the delicious yogurt you thought was a good selection is loaded with fat and calories.

Create your own flavored yogurt brimming with tasty additions for less than the price of store-bought concoctions, and you can have what you want without the extra calories. There are easy ways to turn an ordinary yogurt into an extraordinary treat. Buy plain yogurt, and stir in sugar-free jam and delicious chunks of dried or fresh fruits.

You Can Have Pie

Do you realize how many calories the top crust adds to a simple piece of fruit pie? Choose fruit pie without a top crust and you’ll save 150 calories. You can have your pie and eat too!

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