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Common Plumbing Issues & Solutions

An average household leak is thought to waste 9,400 gallons of water each year. Plumbing issues left unattended can be extremely expensive and come back to haunt you when you most need water. It’s awful to turn on the shower and never have hot water.

If you are a homeowner, then there is a good chance that you have encountered plumbing problems at some point in time. It can happen even when your house is brand new but it may also be caused by the age of your home and how well you maintained it. In all cases, if you find yourself with a broken pipe or an overflowing toilet, you need to act quickly before things get worse. You should know what to do because you don’t want to call on a υδραυλικος αθηνα only to discover that their job costs more than expected. 

Plumbing issues are often not as serious as they seem, so instead of calling on a professional to fix them, you could try these simple remedies first. If you follow these tips and solve the problem yourself, you will most likely save money in the process. Here is what you need to do.


  1. Drain Your Toilet 

This is one of the easiest fixes for any plumbing issue that you might encounter. Most people don’t think about this until something goes wrong. The best way to avoid such situations is simply to drain your toilet regularly. This prevents water from backing up and it will prevent odors from coming from inside your house. 

  1. Check the Pipes 

One of the common causes of leaking pipes is rusting. When this happens, leaks start appearing because the metal becomes weak. So, make sure that your pipes are cleaned or replaced once every year. Also, ensure that the pipes are connected properly and that there is no leakage in any corner of the house. Leaks that occur near the ceiling are usually due to clogged drains or blocked toilets. 

  1. Make Sure There Are No Blockages 

You should look around your home to see whether there are any obstructions that could be causing blockage in your pipes. These include food debris, hair, soap scum, and other foreign objects. You should also check your bathtubs to see if anything has fallen into them. 

  1. Keep Up With Maintenance 

In order to maintain your plumbing system, you need to clean out your tank regularly. This will help keep your water clear and it will also prevent your pipes from getting rusty. You should also check your faucets periodically. Look for any signs of corrosion or rust. Also, make sure that there is no buildup of dirt in your sink or tub. 

  1. Be Careful With Water 

Most of us take our water for granted but we should remember that it has many benefits too. For instance, it keeps your skin soft and healthy, helps your body in digestion, and keeps your teeth white. But you need to be careful because too much water can result in damage to your appliances. You should also avoid using hot water in washing clothes because the excessive heat can cause damage to your machine. 

  1. Avoid Using Excessive Pressure 

When you use a lot of pressure to flush your toilet, you increase the chances of having a leaky pipe. So, make sure that you are aware of the amount of pressure you use when flushing. Also, avoid overusing your kitchen sink because this can lead to clogs. 

  1. Change Your Filter Regularly 

Your filter is designed to remove bacteria and other particles so that your water doesn’t become contaminated. However, if you don’t change your filter often enough, it won’t be able to perform its function properly. So, you need to change your filter once every month or so depending on your usage. 

  1. Do Not Overfill Your Bathtub 

You shouldn’t fill your bathroom sink completely because this can overflow. This means that you need to add an additional inch or two of water above the rim of the sink so that excess water does not spill onto your floor. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your floor tiles. 

  1. Use the Right Tools 

While cleaning out your pipes, you need to use the right tools. You should avoid using a wire brush to loosen the built-up matter because it can break the pipe. Instead, you should use a snake or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any debris. 

  1. Take Advantage Of The Internet 

The internet offers a wealth of information regarding plumbing repairs. You can learn more about how to fix various plumbing issues from websites like DIY.com. Before you call on a professional plumber, you should have a thorough understanding of the problem you are experiencing. And if you don’t, you could end up spending more than necessary. 

There are several other ways that you can solve your plumbing problems. But if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will save a lot of money while avoiding bigger issues.

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