Changing the Body Through Hot Yoga

From fat to lean

It was really surprising when, after having struggled with a persistent weight gain for the last five years, I found myself with a leaner, more muscular body after only a month and a half of practicing hot yoga. I had been suffering from pains in my legs and lower back for many years, and going to the doctors frequently, complaining of the same symptoms that would come and go unexpectedly and to which the doctors had no final diagnosis. I was living a very sedentary life, and trying to fix the pain by taking prescription drugs which were not really resulting in any improvement to my condition.

Time to change

I realized it was time to change when it was getting hard to even climb one floor of steps. I didn’t want to look older by having no stamina to do simple physical tasks. One of the several doctors I had gone to for pain had suggested physical therapy, however I didn’t find the idea of having someone manipulating my body very enticing. Instead, I had the idea of trying Yoga. For several months,I talked about it, read about it and discovered the Bikram Hot Yoga. 90 minutes in a heated room, sweating and trying to make positions that work all the muscles in the body. Could I endure it?

Trying and enjoying

I then decided it was time to stop talking about it and try a real class. It would be either love or hate. Surprisingly, the first class proved to be a wonderful experience. 90 intense minutes of sweaty postures, systematically moving muscles, tendons, ligaments and bringing 100% oxygenated blood to my body. How did I feel the next day? Could I move? Yes, I felt fine! I was not as sore as if I had gone to the gym, and my pain was less severe. Hooked on yoga, I signed up for the classes and now I’m an avid student, attending classes 4 times a day, after work, where I have the chance to relax, sweat, breathe and get rid of my pains. My doctor already noticed a great improvement in my flexibility and my weight. From 125 pounds I’m now down to 115 pounds in less than two months! That’s a whooping 10 pounds!

A truly remarkable feat for someone who was nothing more than an object of ridicule a few months back and this rapid change inspired me to continue with yoga even after I attained a slim fit body for which I am indebted to the website

Is that enough to make anyone follow in my footsteps? You should seriously consider it, since I’m a first degree witness to the positive changes that are affecting my life, getting rid of pain, becoming more flexible by toning my body and ultimately shedding unwanted pounds in a very calm and healthy way! Check some of the postures at and decide if that’s the healthy alternative for you! Good luck with your new exercise regimen! I surely made a big difference in my fitness routine!

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