A Padded Toilet Seat For People With Hip And Back Pain, Bursitis, Weak Circulation

A padded toilet seat is designed to remove pressure from the hips and lower back, as well as the bursa at the outer side of our hip. In addition, a soft toilet seat relieves pressure from the Iliac arteries and the superficial femoral artery which runs down the thigh. In this way, the padded toilet seat prevents the unpleasant feeling of the leg falling asleep in people with weak circulation.

Why You Should Not Go on a Diet

Conflicting messages – That’s what we get from the media, the food industry, your mother, the clothing business, etc. No wonder we’re all insane about our weight. First your momma tells you to “Eat! Eat everything on your plate”, because children in third world countries are starving. Then we find out that it’s the epitome of chic to look like one of those starving third world children. Then we go