Bird Feeders- Keeps Disturbing Elements at Bay

When it comes to human relations, the current times are far from being peaceful as mankind has descended to the level of demons as they are willing to slaughter its own kin for the sake of reaping rewards.

This is in stark contrast with the animals that are strong and guile in nature and attack/kill only for self defense and not because of malice, which is why human beings are considered the most dangerous animals in the world.

While birds might come under the category of animals in certain cases, they are in fact a category themselves as they come from an entirely different set of species because they have the ability to both stay on the ground and fly in the air at will.

Bird Affinity

When it comes to pets, there can be no one to match dogs in loyalty and service which is why they are called man’s best friend and the same holds true for birds as well despite their smaller size.

People are fond of keeping birds as pets and there are very few households in existence today that don’t have a parrot or sparrow in their cage due to their cuteness and friendly nature.


The big city life is hectic and tends to take you out as people are busy with their professional lives and have little respite even during weekends as the work schedule is tight and harsh where they have to slog it out day and night even resorting to burn midnight oil on certain occasions.

When talking about garden animals, you also have squirrels and mongoose, aside from birds, that are also tiny in nature and quite helpful like their winged counterparts, especially the former.

But squirrels do have a bad habit as they like being pampered and well cared and don’t take it too kindly when they see other animals receiving the same red carpet treatment.

What’s more, individuals have a special affinity towards birds as they can also be used as pets in the house, unlike squirrels, which further contributes to their consternation at times and they resort to stealing bird seeds meant for the birds.

Squirrel Proof

Keeping the above points in mind, it is important to have strong bird feeders so that the squirrels don’t have a chance of stealing bird seeds, which is a nice and soft way to teach them a lesson as the squirrels are cute creatures that are not bad at heart and deserve the same love and affection in equal measure.

Let us take a look at certain advantages of having squirrel proof bird feeders and they are as follows:

  1. Bird feeders are quite easy to install as they don’t require the use of ropes, net or other paraphernalia and can be completed in just a few minutes
  2. The feeders not only keep the squirrels but also other larger birds like pigeons and eagles away which is why you won’t find them anywhere near one if they are intelligent enough to gauge what’s in store for them
  3. While squirrels are quite fond of bird seeds, there are certain ones that they are not able to stomach as it is different from their usual diet while the birds are quite fond of its unique taste and hence, these seeds can be kept in the feeder
  4. Squirrel proof bird feeders come at an affordable price with a warranty of a year but sometimes its battery needs to be replaced as frequent usage would result in its wearing out quite sooner but they can be maintained easily

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