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Before Purchasing Phentermine Drug, Do Visit Official Website

Regularly exercising, a reduced-calorie diet, and well-balanced eating are the weight loss cornerstones, while certain drugs can offer powerful support. Among them, phentermine is one such drug that is the world’s most famous weight-loss drug. Its effectiveness is proven for the weight loss as short-term when used alongside exercise and a reduced-calorie diet. Phentermine is quite similar to an amphetamine. The central nervous system (brain and nerves) is stimulated by it, which boosts the blood pressure and heart rate, and also there is appetite reduction. Weight losing and keeping it off can result in many health risks lessening that come along with obesity. It is preferred to visit official website of the brand from which drug to be bought. The together usage of phentermine along with exercise and diet can treat obesity, particularly in people having risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes, or blood pressure.

Its usage

Effective for weight loss- As being approved by the FDA its usage is only for short-term of less compared to 12 weeks, often healthcare professionals prescribe phentermine off-label for usage as long. Doctors might prescribe it intermittently, which simply means the medication takes a break for a set period before its resuming. While taking phentermine the average weight loss is 3% of the initial body weight just after 3 months, and after 6 months it is 5-7%. Even more weight loss is reported by some people compared to this. However, everyone fails to respond the, just same way to this medication usage. If a person failed to lose much weight even after its usage of approx 3 months, a healthcare professional might recommend this medication discontinuation.

Helpful for eating disorders- The topiramate and phentermine combination might aid in the binge eating reduction in people along with bulimia nervosa and BED. There is a small study approx 12-week people with BED who have excess weight the people who took the drug combination of topiramate and phentermine experienced significant reductions in episode frequency of binge eating. In another study of 12-week, people with bulimia nervosa or BES received the placebo or drug combination. Over 28 days, with the topiramate and phentermine drug combination’s treatment, there is a number decreased of participants suffering from binge-eating days chiefly from 16.2-to 4.2.

Side effects

The design of phentermine is alone for the usage short-term only because of its safety there are few long-term studies. There is an observation by one study that people experienced no such significant side effects while taking up to 24 months of the phentermine.

However, there is approval to phentermine be combined along with topiramate by the FDA for the usage as long-term. Because the doses of these two ingredients are lower in comparison to the individual drug’s maximum doses. The most usually reported phentermine side effects and combined topiramate and phentermine are:

  • Skin flushing.
  • Dizziness.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Constipation.
  • Nausea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Vomiting.
  • Irritability.

While some side effects are possible, which are rare like suicidal ideation, increases creatinine levels,  blood pressure, metabolic acidosis, vision problems, hypokalemia, vision problems, and cognitive impairment.


Before this medication taking, just tell the pharmacist or doctor is there allergic to or if there are any other allergies or any other such sympathomimetic amines. This product might comprise inactive ingredients, which result in other problems like allergic reactions.

This drug might make one dizzy or vision blurry. Also, it might rarely make one drowsy. Marijuana or alcohol can cause in making a person more drowsy or dizzy. There is no need to use machinery, drive or do anything that needs chiefly clear vision or alertness until a person can do it safely.

If someone has diabetes do check regularly the blood sugar as directed. Also, share the results with the doctor. The doctor might require the diabetes medication adjustment during treatment along with this drug.

If the tablet is being used for dissolving in the mouth, then that medication night comprises aspartame. If someone has PKU (phenylketonuria) or any other condition requiring to avoid or limit the phenylalanine or not in the diet then ask the pharmacist or doctor related to this medication usage safely.

Then the dentist or doctor before having surgery, that there is the usage of this medication being used.

With the growing older there is a decline in kidney functioning. As this medication is removed through the kidneys the elderly people might be at greater risk chiefly for high blood pressure and dizziness while this drug usage.

During pregnancy, this medication must fail to be used as the unborn baby might be harmed. In case, someone is pregnant, or there is the probability of getting pregnant, then right away tell the doctor.

In breast milk, this drug might be passed, and in nursing, infants could have undesirable effects. There is no recommendation for breastfeeding while this drug usage.


It can be concluded that the usage of phentermine along with a doctor-approved behavior change, reduced-calorie diet, and exercise program can aid in weight loss. It is better to get more knowledge related to it before using this drug. Its usage is done by certain people with overweight like those who have medical issues related to weight and obesity. Weight losing and keeping it off can result in many health risks lessening that come along with obesity comprising diabetes, shorter life, heart disease, and high BP.

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