About Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, CA

The hotel Casa Del Mar has been housing guests traveling to California’s “Gold Coast” since 1926. The hotel has been referred to as the “Grand Dame” of the Santa Monica shores. History From its inception, the Casa Del Mar was a hot spot for Hollywood luminaries such as silent film star Theda Bara. When the Great Depression began, most Santa Monica beach resorts had to close their doors, but the

Family Kissimmee Vacation

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine. Every family has that “dream vacation” to a place they never been, but they always wanted to visit. For my family one of those place is Florida. The perfect place for a family vacation in Florida? Kissimmee, of course. Kissimmee is the heart of Florida and offers many family attractions and adventures.

How To Make a Hotel Room Romantic

hotel rooms can be pretty generic and bland. Usually there’s a bed, desk, television, phone and bathroom. Yet there are easy ways to make these basic rooms into a romantic setting for you and your loved one. Candles If you plan on being in a hotel with your loved one, bring candles with you. Place them around the room away from anything flammable. Turn off the lights and enjoy the

Dominican Republic Trip Plans & Vacation Ideas

Planning a trip to the Dominican Republic offers travelers a variety of activities and vacation ideas. Relaxing on the beach and catching a few rays is part of every trip to the Caribbean, but the Dominican Republic provides travelers with so much more. Consider playing a few rounds of golf at some of the world’s most beautiful and demanding courses. Experience the culture and history of the Dominican Republic, or


Ghana is a country in West Africa, famous for its salt mines, cocoa, gold and a unique type of textiles. Nwentoma is a cloth worn only for special occasions and it used to be a royal privilege. Its bright colors all have a certain significance. Ghana is among the few countries that still make this type of clothing. Ghanaians wear nwemtoma for very important celebrations and festivals. They are a

Can Content Be Good For Marketing If It Isn’t Original?

It would be a rather large fib to say I don’t spend much time perusing the inter-webs. I like to think I’m ahead of the curve, although at times any one of us can’t help but fall behind when a start-up erupts onto the scene changing what we consider to be the standards of social, content, or otherwise. Pinterest was a fantastic example of this in the last year. It’s

What Are The Different Types Of Tapestries?

Are you looking for the best tapestry to decorating your home? If so, then you are at the right platform because today we are going to discuss the different types of tapestries. There are numerous styles of tapestries that you can easily get from the market. It is extremely important to consider the different types and styles of tapestry before choosing the best one for your house. It is not

About Grand Teton National Park

For vacationers who want to enjoy breathtaking scenery and an assortment of wildlife, a trip to Grand Teton National Park is a good choice any time of year. This national park is adjacent to the beautiful Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. While it is possible to stay at the park, some visitors opt to stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wildlife According to ParksReservations.com, you can expect to see bison, elk,


Many people take off each year to recharge and reconnect with family or themselves. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars to fly to the beaches of Fiji where servers bring out cocktails every hour. But vacationing does not have to be expensive. With a little creativity and forethought, you can have an enjoyable time during vacation without spending a fortune. Camping Rough it out in the wild