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Are testosterone injections worth trying?

Our body works on hormones and enzymes. Both have their own functions and features to instill in the body, and hormones play a vital role in body growth to reproductive stability. The same is true for sexual hormones. Testosterone is one such sexual hormone that influences sexual drive in men. It is the sexual hormone in men, occurring in small amounts in women. While testosterone occurs naturally in men, not everyone has it at appropriate levels. Many men face difficulties with testosterone deficiencies and might need alternatives. Testosterone injections are one such alternative for low levels of testosterone which many doctors prescribe. It includes the injection of testosterone enanthate into the body, which has various functions. Hence, let us understand various aspects of testosterone injections in detail. 

What are the benefits of testosterone injections?

Testosterone injections work as compensation for testosterone deficiencies, or low T. Low T is a problem in many men, and doctors prescribe testosterone injections. Testosterone injections help increase sex drive, energy, improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction and mood, including increasing sperm count. Hence, one can use testosterone injections and get these benefits, though there are other aspects to these injections. 

How to take testosterone injections?

Doctors give testosterone injections in the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. But there are also instances where doctors may allow the patients to self-administer the testosterone enanthate injections. In such cases, one needs to inject it into the thigh muscles. Hence, it is how one can take testosterone injections in both cases.

When to take testosterone injections?

Testosterone injections are effective against low T. Men may experience low T or low testosterone levels on reaching their 30’s or 40’s with a rapid decline. They may experience symptoms like hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, sex drive changes, depression, anxiety, decreased sperm count, and weight gain. Other symptoms might include penis or testicles size changes and increased breast swelling. Hence, one should consult their doctor on experiencing such symptoms and undergo a diagnosis for low T, after which they can take testosterone injection.

What are the risks associated with testosterone injections?

Though testosterone injections might help with low testosterone levels and the symptoms associated with it, there are many side effects with it. It might lead to several disorders, such as liver disease, heart issues, such as heart attack and stroke, blood clots, prostate tumors, and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Hence, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking testosterone injections and inform them about every health issue. Only then do the doctors decide whether to prescribe the injection or not.

Hence, we might conclude that testosterone injections are artificial alternatives for testosterone hormone in men. It can show potential benefits and compensate for low testosterone levels in the body. But there is another side to it too. It might even lead to many side effects and health issues, especially if taken without proper consultation. Hence, knowing the body’s suitability for testosterone injections is necessary before trying it, and doctors can only help in such cases.

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