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App Development And Marketing – 4 Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

It is not a secret anymore that building the best mobile app is a more complex task than people perceived it to be. Seeing this as an opportunity, many new app developers just dive into the sea of this business without intending to take any risks. This results in many apps being left untouched by people. 

Such failure worries many beginners, and they commit some mistakes that make the matter worse. Just because you have the technical knowledge to build the app, it does not mean that the app will be successful no matter what. You need to pay attention to the app’s marketing to ensure that it gives the result you desire.

Here are the five mistakes that you must avoid.

  • Making A Single App For Multiple Platforms

The first and the most common mistake the developers make is creating a single app for multiple platforms. As a result, there are innumerable apps present on the app store of both Google and apple. This availability of apps has created competition among developers.

So the first solution they find is creating an app for multiple platforms to increase their presence and familiarity. However, by doing this, you are just adding up your cost of developing the app. it is also a huge wastage of time.  

Rather than going for multiple platforms, focus on one platform initially. It will save you some money initially, and you can do everything to make the first one as good as possible. Once this goal is achieved, you can go for any different platform. You can also use BPM software to make things a bit easier for yourself.

  • Put Together Way Too Many Features 

The major reason behind the failure of so many great apps is either the lack of features or over-availability of them. So rather than making the app too complex with all the features, isn’t it a good idea to keep it simple initially? This will allow you to make timely advancements to let the user be familiar with the features. 

  • No Wow Factor 

There should be a wow factor involved in the app to make your app stand apart from the bunch of other applications available. If your app is just like any other app existing already, then no one will pay any attention to it. So, rather than just following the lead of others, it is suggested that you add something unique to your application. To make the process of developing easier for you, you can use BPM software. 

  • Ignoring Your Audience

Frequently, the developers forget that the app is made for other people. Unfortunately, not every person that is using your app has the same set of preferences. Hence, it is physically impossible to create an application that will satisfy all the users. 

What you can do is add up the features that the majority of your target audience will appreciate. This step does not need to be taken at the very beginning. You can do this with each update you make. 

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