A Darker Look at the Noble Field of Medicine

The world was already grappling with numerous diseases and ailments when the corona virus pandemic hit the nation like a thunderbolt and slowly, but surely, took the entire nation into its grasp.

The China-originating virus has claimed thousands of lives till now and the toll keeps on rising with each passing day, although all the nations have joined hands to fight it valiantly and have succeeded to an extent.

Speaking of disease and illness, a huge shout out has to go to the doctors who are there to cure us from various maladies and are revered no less than gods and for providing patients a new lease of life.

Tarnishing a Profession of Virtue

In the old times, ancient physicians had the most original and authentic way for treatment where they relied on natural therapy where solutions were abundant but the bonus was that sources were reliable.

Medical plants and herbs played the role that tablets, capsules and syrup play in modern times while the first priority of the physician was to cure his patient of all types of diseases, be it normal or life threatening.

Sadly, as time passed, mankind became more and more greedy for money and began to lose the sense of morality and today the world of medicine has acquired a notorious and dubious image where doctors are more interested in making money, often at the cost of their patients’ well being.

This is alarming news and quite ironic as the first thing that a potential doctor does after obtaining is medical degree is to take a promise to treat all patients without any bias and to the best of his ability.

The promise is called Hippocratic Oath and there is not a doctor in existence in modern times who has joined the profession through legal means and not taken it, an impossible feat that is tantamount to criminal offence.

With the advent of social media, this practice has become easier for such con artists who pose as medical doctors and siphon off money from innocent victims so therefore this problem needs to be looked into.

Be Alert

Medical profession has become a brokerage firm where doctors have turned brokers and demand extra not only from patients but also students in the form of medical fees, which has tainted this virtuous profession like no other.

Therefore, one needs to be alert and not fall for these people who are now marketing their skills at a large scale so you need to watch out for them so as to not be lured into the trap.

You can get the free med spa online marketing platform and ascertain who all are into this business, which will help you to enhance your knowledge about the tips and tricks involved in the process.

Medical advertisements are there in large numbers and you need to look at the details given in their section like name, contact number and address to find out whether they are genuine or not and if they seem suspicious, file a police complaint and leave them to the rest.

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