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7 Best Camping Shower Tents to Avoid Awkward Stares

If you love camping but hate feeling dirty and sweaty, shower tent camping might be the perfect solution for you. Nothing ruins an outdoor camping adventure like having to endure the awkward stares of passers-by while you shower. To avoid such embarrassing situations, a camping shower tent is your best bet. These tents come in various sizes and designs, allowing you to enjoy a private shower experience outdoors. Here are 7 of the best camping shower tents to help you avoid unwanted attention when taking a much-needed bath after your outdoor adventures. 

1. Ozark Trail Portable Instant Shower Tent  

The first on our list of the best camping shower tents is the Ozark Trail Portable Instant Shower Tent. This easy-to-assemble tent has a detachable ventilation roof and measures 6′ x 4′. It has four skylights that allow plenty of natural light into the interior so that you don’t feel cramped inside. The double doors also make entering and exiting the tent convenient and hassle-free. You can easily fit multiple people inside this spacious shower tent, making it perfect for larger groups or families who want some privacy when they take their showers outdoors. 

2. G4Free Pop Up Outdoor Privacy Shelter 

If you’re looking for something more affordable than the Ozark Trail model, then check out G4Free’s Pop Up Outdoor Privacy Shelter. This lightweight camping shower tent offers enough space for one person to get dressed or take a quick bath without worrying about being seen by anyone else in their campground or campsite area. It also features sturdy steel poles which provide good stability even in windy conditions, making it ideal for use at beach campsites or other places with high winds during storms or bad weather days. Additionally, its mesh windows provide excellent ventilation and air circulation inside the tent so that your body stays cool during hot summer days even if there are no fans around. 

3. Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent  

For backpackers who need something lightweight yet durable enough to withstand tough weather conditions and keep them dry while they take showers outdoors, then look no further than Coleman’s Hooligan Backpacking Tent – one of the best camping shower tents available on the market today! This two-person backpacking shelter weighs just 6 pounds but still provides ample room and protection from rain, wind, snow, bugs, and other elements while you’re using it as a mobile bathroom facility outside your normal home environment away from civilization areas/cities/towns etc… With strong polyester fabric walls reinforced with taped seams plus an integrated floor design, this sturdy compact shelter promises great performance even under extreme circumstances outdoors! 

4. WolfWise Easy Setup Camping Shower Tent   

WolfWise’s Easy Setup Camping Shower Tent is another great choice for those who need something lightweight yet highly durable for their outdoor adventures! Weighing only 8 pounds but providing plenty of space inside (6′ x 4′) , this three-season waterproof tent comes equipped with all necessary components needed to set up quickly, including 2 shock cords ropes anchor stakes & metal rings …etc., ensuring maximum protection against rain or wind gusts while taking showers outdoors without worrying about getting drenched in water or mud! In addition, its zippered privacy door ensures complete coverage when bathing so that there won’t be any accidental encounters with curious eyes peeking from behind bushes 😉 .  

5 . Abco Tech Automatic Instant Portable Outdoors Toilet    

The Abco Tech Automatic Instant Portable Outdoor Toilet is perfect for those who want the convenience of outdoor bathing as it requires no set-up – just unfold it anywhere in seconds & voila! You’re ready to go! However, this waterproof toilet comes with odour-resistant materials and built-in storage pockets where users can store their personal items during use, eliminating any inconvenience. It also has 3 adjustable heights ranging from 23 inches to 30 inches, making it suitable for adults and children alike! So if portability & ease of use is what matters most, then this product is definitely worth considering!  

6. GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room   

The GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room provides privacy & comfort whether used indoors or outdoors thanks to its instant pop up design which requires zero assemblies on arrival! Constructed from 210 denier nylon fabric, the Pod Changing Room acts as an effective barrier between you & onlookers due to its extra large size measuring 5ft long x 4ft wide x 5ft high (LxWxH). In addition, its breathable mesh windows allow air to flow throughout, so users will never feel stuffy when showering outside! Lastly, its included carry bag makes transporting it hassle-free after use 😉 .   

7. Eurmax 10 Ft X 10 Ft Slant Leg Canopy     

Finally, we have Eurmax 10 ft X 10 ft Slant Leg Canopy which doubles up as both a canopy + changing room depending on the situation needs! Constructed from industrial grade 300D Oxford fabric material coupled with aluminium frame construction ensures robustness against harsh weather conditions like heavy rains /wind gusts etc. It also features a cathedral-style roof design meant to deliver maximum headroom accompanied by side walls made of mesh netting so the user gets cross ventilation throughout the area while staying cool at the same time . Thanks to 2 easy pull ropes & staked ground anchors installation process becomes super quick meaning the user spends less time setting up and more time relaxing 😉

In conclusion, these 7 camping shower tents will ensure ultimate privacy whilst avoiding any kind of unwanted stares, enabling you to relax and enjoy your outdoor trips worry-free!

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