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7 Amazing Facts About ASMR!

ASMR, also known as an autonomous sensory meridian response, is a complex and highly emotional state which can only be understood by some people. It occurs due to the auditory triggers of visual feelings which travel inside a person’s body. 

It is referred to as a multi-end sensory experience that comes when a person is stressed out. The ASMR audios are used to make a person relax and even to fall asleep on a regular basis. It gives close proximity to the listeners. 

Before you start listening, you should visit this website regarding ASMR to clear your doubts. Here are some of the amazing facts about ASMR, which must be known by everyone. The facts will give you a deep and hidden understanding regarding ASMR.

  • Benefits Physical Health 

Yes, you heard it right. Other than giving relaxation and benefits to your mental health, it is also beneficial for your body and physical health. According to a report which was published in the year 2018, it was regarding the physical responses which body gives after listening to audio and videos. 

It is recorded that, after listening to ASMR audios, the heart rate significantly decreases, and the level of skin conductance get increases in the ASMR videos. Both can promote relaxation to the physical health of a person’s body.

  • Pupil Size Dilates 

It has been recorded that while watching ASMR videos, your size of pupil gets increased compared to the non-ASMR experience. This is because while watching the ASMR videos, the reporters measured the size of the pupil by taking the help of an eye tracker. 

This shows that the pupil dilates occurs, which gives relaxation and calmness to the mind and body. In addition, this shows that person is getting attached to the videos and audios of the ASMR, which give a soothing experience to the body.

  • Links With Misophonia 

Misophonia is something that is very common to understand as it is similar to ASMR, where the person is reacted with extreme sensitivity to certain sounds. A person who is ASMR experienced has a high tendency of misophonia as compared to others. 

This shows that there is a linkage between the two as both give extreme preference to specific sounds. This states that people who have ASMR experience can actually have a misophonia also. This shows high retention of both in the human body. 

  • Beneficial For Mental Health 

Watching and listening to ASMR audios and videos can provide relaxation to a person’s body. According to research, around 98% person said that they feel relaxed after listening to ASMR music and sounds. 

It relieves the stress from a person’s body and mind and helps them to treat ongoing depression and anxiety. In addition, it shows a positive impact on a person’s mind by taking care of their health for the long term. 

  • ASMR Connects To Brain Regions 

Till now, you are aware that ASMR is a positive impact on the body, but you didn’t know how it can connect different regions of the brain. According to a study, it is stated that people who experience ASMR tends to get an increase in their connectivity level with the brain. 

Whenever you listen to ASMR, there is some part or region of the brain which gets connected with the experience. This shows that brain regions respond to different functions like hearing, memory, and vision, which all get connected with ASMR. 

  • Only Some Can Experience ASMR 

It is stated that not all people experience the same ASMR as some people don’t get any experience of the effect of ASMR as it provides a pleasant and soft experience by giving highly sensitive sounds to a person. 

Every person responds differently to the sounds of ASMR. This occurs due to the difference in the stimuli and regions of a person’s mind and body. So, ASMR gives a unique experience to everyone who responds differently. 

  • Determination Of Your Personality 

This fact is usually not known by most people as personality traits play a big role for a person in order to determining their experience. You may know that there are five traits of personality, out of which if a person is found to score high in neuroticism and openness to experience, then they might be the ASMR experiencers. 

This result shows that ASMR audios and videos show a great impact on the personality of an individual, which is being reflected in front of others. This show that there is a huge difference between ASMR experiencers and the one who don’t have any experience. 


Thus, the above facts reflect the different impacts of ASMR on the human body. This shows a positive experience, with no side effects in return. So, if you haven’t experienced ASMR till now, then you should try this soothing experience. 

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