January 2019

Letting Go…All the Way to Europe!?

Brad, the “dad” My 17-year-old daughter, the one who’s heading off to college in mid-August, dropped another bomb this afternoon. “I want to go to Europe this summer,” she said. “What,” I said, “like you’re not leaving fast enough already?” For some reason, she acted as if she hadn’t even heard me. “Three of my friends and me. Going to hostels in France and Italy.” “No tour group? No school

Tips That Help You Tend To Your Lips In Summer

Lip care is the biggest concern we have every summer. One of the biggest concerns is treating dry lips. Dry lips occur due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is lack of oil retention by the lips, thereby making it itchy and flaky causing it to crack. Today we look at a few tips from lipcarespot that can help rejuvenate your lips and give you much