6 Hairstyles To Hide Thinning Hair After Childbirth

All new moms experience hair loss, some more than others. During pregnancy, excessive changes in hormone levels cause the strands of hair to stay rooted longer than normal because of laser hair removal in Michigan that have  machines for the treatment of skin and hairs . After giving birth, hormone levels plummet (typically around 12 weeks postpartum), and hair strands shift into a shedding phase. Many new moms become alarmed when they pull out strands of hair by the handful. After a normal delivery, you can expect to lose upwards of 500 hairs a day, compared to a normal daily amount of 100 to 125. While there’s little you can do about this temporary shedding, there are several hairstyles that can help to hide thinning hair after childbirth. 

Bob Style 

One hairstyle that will make your hair look thicker is the “bob” haircut. Getting a bob haircut will give length down to your chin and will draw attention to your face, rather than to your hair. To make the bob look fuller, pull the hair behind your ears and fasten it with hair pins or another kind of hair fastener. 



Blunt Layers 

For those who have medium length hair, consider getting your hair cut at just one length. Cut the ends so that they have a “blunt” look. This can be done with a razor haircut tool. Layering your hair can also make thin hair appear fuller. Layering adds shape and volume and the thicker look will help cover the thin spots. 


If your hair is long, you have the option of wearing it down or up. If you choose to wear your long hair up, you can hide a great deal of thinning hair with an “up-do” hairstyle containing lose curls or spiral waves. Keeping your hair up and away from your face puts the focus on your hairstyle instead of areas that look thin. 


Another way to hide thinning hair is by styling your bangs. Bangs add thickness to the front part of your face and work to keep the focus on your face instead of your hair. When you comb bangs to the side, you can cover hair that is thin around the top of your scalp. Straight bangs that come down to the tip of your eyebrows give a fuller look to the front of the face. 


Crop Style 

Then there is a “crop” hairstyle. The crop hairstyle is especially effective for women who have an oval shaped face. If you add a tapered look to a crop, you also add a youthful and soft look to the hairstyle. 

Chop Style 

Another hairstyle that adds fullness to one’s hair is known as “the chop.” This kind of hairstyle features a bob cut that has irregular ends. “The chop” will add shape and style and make your hair look as if it has more body. Thinning postpartum hair can look fuller and more attractive with the right kind of haircut. 

It is important to note that unless you know how to cut hair, it is best to choose a hairstylist who has broad knowledge of styles and experience working with thinning hair. 

3 Helpful Tips For Burning Fats Quickly

Most People think losing weight is the product of spending rigorous hours in the gym and eating tasteless health food. However this doesn’t have to be true, there are 3 simple methods I will share in this article to help melt the fat right off. And aside from these fat burning tips, treatments are available as well. CoolSculpting for stomach, arms and thighs help you reduce fat in an instant.

If you are looking to burn fat quickly the goal is quality over quantity when it comes to working out and successful dieting.

How To Burn Fat Quickly Tip #1

The first thing to look at before you get started at abolishing that unwanted fat is what are you eating? We all have heard the saying, “you are what you eat.” The fact is that saying is completely true when it comes to your body and health. There are several simple ways to reduce your calorie intake without feeling robbed of the pleasures in life.

Cut out List:

Juices and Sodas:

Juices and sodas contain approximately 100 calories each per 8 oz. However the majority of soda and juice products come in bottles of 16-32 oz’s. That’s anywhere from 200-400 calories per drink! Now for many people who are stuck at a certain weight, all it takes is dropping out some of these drinks to start losing weight.

High Calorie Snacks:

A lot of people can lose track of their calories when it comes to snacking. You might say to yourself,” I only eat 3 meals a day, why do I gain weight?” It’s from un-tracked high calorie snacking. Some examples of these high calorie snacks include, cookies, nuts(good in moderation), cake, muffins, bagels, granola bars and chips are just to name a few.

How To Burn Fat Quickly Tip #2

Stop using transportation for every place you go. The next time you head to the mail box, go to the mall or visit a friend; try using alternative transportation. What I mean by alternative transportation is walk instead of drive, take the stairs instead of the elevator and bicycle instead of driving. Now it’s not necessary for you to ride your bike 8 miles in the rain to work, I’m just suggesting when you see an opportunity to get exercise use it.

How To Burn Fat Quickly Tip #3

Spend 10-20 minutes, 3 times a week exercising. Exercising doesn’t have to last for hours to be effective as long as you are efficient. You need to exercise with enough intensity to accelerate your heart rate enough to burn those calories. Some examples of high calorie burning workouts include cardio and aerobic training. In fact any exercising is effective at burning calories as long as you get your heart rate up.

If want to burn fat quickly these three tips will get you started. The biggest thing to losing weight is to be mindful of what you are doing. This means to be observant of what you’re eating and doing every day. If you find yourself driving to the mail box stop and walk instead. These little things can be extremely beneficial for your health and losing weight in the long term. Continue to develop healthy habits and you won’t even notice them. Remember to be consistent and before you know it the weight will be gone!

Nair Pretty: Hair Removal For 10-Year-Old Girls

Nair has a product that most people are unaware of called Nair Pretty. I’ve never seen it on store shelves in my town but apparently it is available. It’s designed for girls, young girls that are 10 years old and sometimes younger.

The product’s slogan is “pretty isn’t a look, its a feeling”. Its teaching young girls that to be pretty you have to use this product. Any adolescent viewing this page will almost certainly think that in order to fit in they have to remove hair around their bikini line and other areas. The truth is that no young girl should have to worry about things like that until she is truly ready. Nair Pretty is another marketing scheme feeding off the self-esteem of young girls.

The site tries to encourage mothers to get their kids to use this product. It advises them to talk to their daughters and instead of telling them they are pretty no matter what, it says they should say that in order to be a woman they should use Nair Pretty to boost their self-esteem. Additionally, there are several service providers that offers a full service medical spa for every age group. These are really effective with skin and hairs and is safe and affordable service for everyone.

This product is the same as other Nair products that adult women use. There is no ingredient difference except for the “fruity” smell of it. Its specifically targeting young girls and making them think that its something all their friends uses. Why would they do this? That is simple, they want to reach people as early as possible to make more money off of them.

It’s kind of disturbing when you think about it. Girls at a vulnerable age don’t need to be told things like this. It completely takes away the thought that no matter what you look like you should feel beautiful. Those are the types of words young girls need to hear. They don’t need Mom saying “your legs are getting hairy, you have to do something about it or you’ll never feel beautiful”.

The site does not tell of any of the dangers of Nair like a serious allergic reaction. I used Nair a few years ago. Minutes after applying it my legs turned red and started to itch intensely. It was days before the stinging and soreness went away. What young girl at the age of 10 or so needs to go through that? Instead Nair Pretty does say that is safe to use before tanning. Once again, what young girl needs to worry about tanning? The Nair Pretty package does have the usual warnings on there. It says the typical stuff like don’t use on broken skin, do a test patch and then wait 24 hours. The last warning, of course, is “keep away from children”.

Beauty products are constantly being made to target younger consumers. They are made to think that this is how all girls need to look and you should start making yourself “pretty” as soon as possible. The product isn’t for women of all ages, its just for young girls. The only difference between Nair for women and Nair Pretty is in the packaging which has a young girl on it. Girls need to be told they are pretty and not handed a product which makes them think at 10 years old that Nair Pretty is the way to feel that way. No girl at that age needs a smooth bikini line or to be subjected to more anxiety about how they look.

Is the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Right in Offering Malaria?

Malaria kills more than a million people each year; many of the dead are children. Seattle Biomedical Research Institute is teaming-up with Maryland’s Walter Reed Institute in offering the American public a live dose of Malaria in an effort to speed along a cure for Malaria. (Click here to read full details on this KOMO TV story.)

Volunteers will be compensated financially, stung by Malaria infected mosquitoes, and then given clinical-trial cures so that less effective remedies being studied can be eliminated. So far, nobody has died from their clinical encounter with deadly mosquito jabs, but the threat of death is always there: Malaria kills.

Concerns over Seattle Biomedical Research Institute testing of Malaria on willing humans are probably all best summed up as another American moralistic issue to be debated in media. Should we allow medical testing that may kill a participant, for an illness that normally strikes outside of our country?

Malaria is a disease caused by mosquito breeding, which is known to everyone and is quite a dangerous malady if not treated on time, where many people have paid the price of negligence with their lives just because they did not take mosquito bites seriously and always had a casual attitude towards it. But what does this have to do with your medical practice? You can go on with your work and continue enlightening people about the seriousness of malaria as a vector borne disease and small mosquitoes can do undue damage to your body.

Between 1987 and 1998, Jack ‘Doctor Death’ Kevorkian provided our current legal and moral understandings of people desiring medical help towards ending their lives. Kevorkian went to prison after giving a lethal injection to his fully consenting patient. Malaria is known to kill; clinical-trial patients are giving consent to a lethal injection.

Arguments are quashed along the lines of allowing Malaria research for humanitarian reasons, and not Kevorkian acts; Kevorkian was a humanitarian assisting a segment of society who believed that they were helping others towards reducing consequences of other known serious illnesses.

Kevorkian and Seattle Biomedical Research Institute are in situations where compensation exchanges hands. Malaria clinical-trial participants will receive an undisclosed amount over 2,000 dollars for their consent to be infected with malaria; the exact amount is not disclosed to prevent participation for the wrong reasons.

Malaria kills more people in Africa than in any other country. AIDS kills more people in Africa than in any other country. When you overlay AIDS and Malaria into a single neighborhood, you have children orphaned from, and who have AIDS, trying to care for child Malaria victims who are their friends. Some areas are totally lacking healthy adults.

The African virus strain of AIDS is different than the American version, it is harder to treat. There is no guarantee that Africa’s Malaria and AIDS problems will not migrate right along with the Bird Flu into American backyards. Some feel that by helping the African children with their AIDS and Malaria problems, we are helping our children.

Malaria is carried by mosquitoes; it is a parasite that enters the blood and multiplies in the liver. It is not contagious unless blood is shared between a healthy person and a non-healthy person through a needle, another mosquito bite, or by other means. Malaria parasites breed and multiply normally only in warm climates. It can’t normally thrive in Seattle.

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute was flooded with emails from volunteers after their story came out in the media… so, I didn’t send my request to be a volunteer after learning that they only need six people. Yes, I would volunteer for Malaria without a second thought. I understand how grim the situation is for the children involved.

The money being offered to volunteers by the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Malaria trials is a token amount, and just the right figure for people who are serious about donating their body towards helping other people; those worried about potential future issues have no business raising their hands to go out into this line-of-fire.

Our children volunteer for possible death over a cause when they enter the military; taking on a dose of Malaria to help in a public health battle is the same thing. One group of soldiers are worried about concerns within localized boundaries, the other are worried about concerns on a global-scale. Both sets of politics have a valid place in our society.

An Introduction To The Types Of Telescopes

Being someone interested in astronomy or someone who loves stargazing at night with family members or friends, it is necessary that you are familiar with everything about telescope. From different parts to different brands to different uses and different features, knowing telescope and everything about it will help you to have a more convenient and amazing stargazing experience. At first, studying telescope may be challenging and daunting, but if you allow yourself to embrace it and become solely interested on it, you will find yourself just enjoying it and totally familiarized with it.

Thus, one of the important things every astronomy lover like you should know is the different type of telescope. Telescopes do not independently come in just one form or type. Just like any tools and devices, telescope varies in terms of features and uses. Basically, there are three types of telescopes namely, refractor, reflector and compound. This article will help you to be familiarized on how each type of telescope varies from one another. Knowing such will help you to choose the best telescope for astronomy. Without further ado, here are the types of telescopes:

Reflecting Telescope                

Reflecting telescope is also called reflector or Newtonian telescope. This type of telescope is the number choice of most astronomy lovers and enthusiasts. The main difference of reflecting telescopes to other telescopes is the use of mirrors to focus and gather light to view an object. Hence, using mirrors to collect light is one of the perks of reflecting telescope. This is because mirrors try to avoid chromatic aberration that is one of the main problems in telescope with lenses instead of mirror. Additionally, mirrors have the ability to generate better views or images because the do reflect all the wavelengths of the light proportionally.

Refracting Telescope

Refracting telescope or also called as refractor uses lenses instead of mirrors to collect and gather light. Unlike reflecting telescope, refractors only require low maintenance. One of the advantages of refracting telescope is its fixed design and condition so you don’t have to worry about it being misaligned. Also, refractors are more durable than reflectors because of its fixed stand. Thus, bumps and shocks wont affect the optics and physical condition of refactors when being delivered or transported. This type of telescope can also deliver quality and sharper images because it uses a tube that us closed off from the outside.

Compound Telescope

Lastly, compound telescope or also called as catadioptric telescope is the combination of refracting and reflecting telescope. Therefore, it can be considered as the hybrids of the first two mentioned telescopes. This type of telescope has usually shorter length and is very much portable and is a good choice for traveling. However, compound telescope is more expensive than other telescope because it offers features and advantages you can get from both refractors and reflectors.

Final Say

It is important of an astronomy enthusiast like you to be familiarized with the different types of telescope for you to have a grasp and idea on which one is the best fit for your needs.

23 Gifts For All The Strong, Independent Women In Your Life

Giving presents to strong women in your life is quite challenging. Giving them something that celebrates their womanhood and at the same time lets them know you appreciate them is difficult, given the options out in the market. In the recent years, there have been an abundance of brands and products that claim to empower women. Some of them are obviously feeding into the timely narrative, but there are others who genuinely support women and gender equality.

To help you with this tough task, I’ve listed down the perfect gifts for the bad ass women that. Here are some of the best geschenkideen für oma, mom, sis, wife, friend, and all other strong and independent women in your life.

  1. Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”

Nothing represents modern day womanhood other than the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Read about her experiences, visions and aspiration for all women in the world.

  1. This “Support Your Local Girl Gang” pouch

Let them embrace their womanhood wherever they go. Sporting this pouch will also help awareness and draw support for women.

  1. The “I’m Not Bossy” desk nameplate

Perfect for those women who are always on top of their game.

  1. “Sour Heart” by Jenny Zhang

A book of stories about women’s experiences during adolescence. Give on to your tounger sister to help through this confusing time in her life.

  1. History, She Wrote scarf

Celebrate all the strong woman in history through this stylish scarf. Be fabulous and supportive at the same time.

  1. Chromat swimsuits

This is one company who embraces and fully supports women of all kinds. They have different sizes for all types of ladies and is not confined in the society standards of beauty.

  1. “Feminist with a to-do list” tote bag

There are reasons why strong, independent women are successful in life. Give them this to remind them of all the hard work they’re doing doesn’t go unnoticed.

  1. “Resilience” card case

Historically, women had to go through various difficulties before they got to where they are now. Let them celebrate women’s success through this card case.

  1. “100% Human” shirt

We were all human first, regardless of gender. Celebrate womanhood with this shirt. With every purchase, a portion will be donated to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

  1. Venus symbol necklace

Stylish and conveys a powerful message, this is a perfect jewelry for all the gorgeous women in your life.

  1. “Woman Up” sweatshirt

Whether at the gym or jogging out, this sweatshirt will let the world know that women are a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Feminknits tote bag

Remind women that even doing such hobbies is part of what makes them strong.

  1. “Boss Lady” necklace

Let their colleagues know who’s the boss with this stylish necklace.

  1. Together” Bra

Get them these sexy bras and help other women in the process. 5% of sales from this bra goes to the National Organization for Women.

  1. Self-care journal

It doesn’t just support women, it also helps spread awareness about mental health.

  1. “I Do This Thing” Clock

Remind them of how strong they are all the time with this clock.

  1. Empowered Women” Mug set

Start their mornings right with a cup of coffee. Give your woman one of these and let them know that you appreciate and admire them all time.

  1. Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

There’s no denying that some workplace still leaves some women uncomfortable. This book will help them adapt to any situation in the office.

  1. Lost Poet Red Blend wine

Nothing like ending a long, tiring day with wines that celebrate femininity. Because they deserve it.

  1. Lipstick Phone Case

Smartphones have become a part of a person’s identity. Let them show off their femininity through this gorgeous phone case.

  1. Misty Aurora earrings

Some of them might want to keep it simple. These earrings may be small but they sends off a powerful message about manhood.

  1. Nasty Woman Mug

Bold statement mug for that bold, strong woman.

  1. “Girl Power” laptop stickers

Strong women always have their laptops with them. Give them these to let them show everyone they are not to be messed with.

Smart Dating Tips That Will Help You To Find Prefect Date!

Life partner is the person who always stays until the end of life and stands with you in every ups and downs. Therefore, the question is that how can we find the perfect match? If you are thinking that god is already decided the perfect love for you then you are totally right, but if you can’t wait for this, then simply get engage with the online dating sites. Basically, there are lots of dating applications and sites are available online that people should check out in order find out the perfect match. SHALLON ONLINE would be the best source for finding the perfect date.

Moreover, you just need to go online and find out the best partner in the list of the singles. Well, dating sites is all about the pictures and perfect searching. If you are person who is genuine and loyal then you will get the partner that you are looking for. Therefore, you should simply go online and check out the great outcomes related to the dating sites and the basic use of it. Once you understand its valuable outcomes then you will automatically able to spends lots of times on it in order to find out your first love.

Dating tips that you should check out for finding perfect date

Dating isn’t easy because you are just checking out the profiles that are sometimes are fake. Therefore, if you don’t want mess with it then you should simply check out all these great tips that would be really supportive for you-

  • Try to put genuine details while sign-up in the online dating application because this is important.
  • Instead of this, you should read the terms and conditions perfectly. It will help you to understand its basic rules.
  • Even if you are paying for the premium online dating service then it would be genuine so use the credit card for payment of the subscription.

  • You should take the short months of subscriptions that will help you to understand its outcomes.
  • There would be lots of people at the platform of the online dating site so try to find out the single who have hobbies and habits that similar to you.
  • Check out the reviews first that will help you to understand that how to use the dating application perfectly.

Moving further, you should simply check out all these points those we have already mentioned. Therefore, it will automatically give you great support in the process of finding the best partner that will stay always in your life and help you in every harsh situation.

Upload your real picture

If you are going to create the account then don’t forget to upload the real picture. Basically, when a person upload the fake pictures as DP then it may comes complications in the relationship which is a kind of cheating. Therefore, taking these kinds of risks you must check out the some dating tips online.

Best birthday gift ideas for people with a tight budget

Birthdays are often celebrated with extravagance: expensive cakes, lavish parties, and gifts that have eye-popping price tags. For people who are on the low side of their bank accounts, cast your worries aside, as you can still give the verjaardagscadeau meiden. Girls and boys have different taste when it comes to the things they want, so take that into consideration when deciding what to give on their special day.

Covers for iPads, Kindles, and Phones

A nice gift idea is cover or cases for their Phones, iPads or Kindles. Bonus points if you can personalize your birthday gift. Girls generally have a preference of cases with flowery designs, and their favorite cartoon character. Boys normally prefer their idolized action hero. In order to make this gift idea work, you should have an excellent knowledge regarding the personality of the gift receiver.

You can go extremely personal to your gift approach by sewing it yourself. By sewing the case yourself, you can insert things like their name, a “happy birthday” wish, or anything you want in the case to make it as unique and as memorable as you can.

For people who do not want to sew, or do not have the time or ability, there are cases sold on the internet that can be customized, like this one.

For people interested to go on this route, you must first make sure that your recipient has an iPad or Kindle, and avoid mistakes such as giving a Kindle case for people with an iPad. That’s one way to make your gift be remarkable but in a bad way.

Rain gear: Kiddie Umbrellas and Raincoats

If the birthday of the kid you are giving gifts to are close to the rainy season, then what better gift to give them than rain gear, like an umbrella or raincoats?

This umbrella is available online for only $10, which is perfect for kids. It has utility for giving them protection against the elements, all the while having adorable elements such as cartoon characters. They also feature cute ears. What’s not to like?

This raincoat is also being offered for $10. Like the umbrella, it also features cute animals, which will be surely loved by children. For people willing to shell out 20 dollars, they can combine the two gifts to make a perfect gift combo for going into the rainy season.

Customized Tumbler, Coffee Mugs

For birthday celebrants who are grown up and will not be swayed by cartoon character designs, you can give them personalized tumblers instead. They can be purchased online for as little as $20 and can be customized for a pattern of your choice + the name and initials of the person who will receive the gift.

For coffee addicted birthday celebrants, you can gift them coffee mugs, sold online with customization available. With prices ranging from $15 to $40, you can surely get your preferred personalized coffee mug available.

This customizable coffee mug on Amazon takes personalization to the extreme, by offering custom images according to text. You can now gift a mug to a friend that contains their (wacky) image, which will surely make that gift memorable.

Customized Necklaces

If the gift receiver is also your best buddy, you can go with customized necklaces like this one, which is priced at 17.50 dollars. They are crafted by hand and can be customized to include anything you can think of, such as names, places, quotes, or whatever you can think of. The sky is the limit for your “BFF” gift idea.

Personalized Journals

Mainly for creative gift receivers, journals can also be gifted universally because of their broad use. Personalized journals such as this one on Amazon go for usually under $20. If you are running out of ideas, customized journals are the go-to gifts.

Not all gifts need to be expensive. Sometimes, all you need is creativity, customization, and knowing the interests of the person that you intend to gift. After all, the essence of gift giving is in the heart poured into it, not on the money spent buying material things.

What Are The Different Types Of Tapestries?

Are you looking for the best tapestry to decorating your home? If so, then you are at the right platform because today we are going to discuss the different types of tapestries. There are numerous styles of tapestries that you can easily get from the market. It is extremely important to consider the different types and styles of tapestry before choosing the best one for your house.

It is not easy to choose the best one option according to the interior of the home. There are numbers of different aspects that are must to take into consideration before choosing the right style of tapestry. If you are new to this world, then search on and choose the best option for your home.

Different types of tapestries –

Here are some specific types of tapestries that you should know first before making your final decision. Different types of tapestries are available with different styles and design that can change the look of your room. Lets’ discuss some specific types of tapestries. Read on:

  • Ancient

You may have an idea or not, but ancient tapestries were created by the Egyptian for the first time. These kinds of tapestries are getting more popularity for many good reasons. Ancient tapestries are unique and culture based so that these are expensive than other options. Most of the people like to buy ancient tapestries because you can feel the culture and these attract the guest at first glance.

  • Contemporary

Another kind of tapestries is contemporary that is created in the Middle East. There are different forms of the contemporary tapestry that you can get from the market. One of the most popular forms of the contemporary tapestry is a Quaker tapestry. Quaker tapestry is a collective effort of 4000 people. But in this modern era, the process of making tapestry has become easy.

  • Hand woven

When you go to the market to buying tapestry, you will get most of the option of the tapestry are hand woven. No doubt, you can use looms and yarns (tools of making tapestry), but most of the work will be done by hands. In other words, looms and yarns can change the time and location, but the process of hand weaving will be constant.

  • Jacquard

Such kind of tapestry was revolutionized in 1801. It is about when Joseph-Marie Jacquard developed a loom to make a tapestry. This is also a specific kind of tapestry that is getting more popularity these days. Now, making this kind of tapestry has become easy due to technology. With the help of the internet, you can get more ideas of design and style.

No doubt, there are different types of tapestries in the market. If you are considering the best option for your home, then you should need to consider all the present options. If you don’t have an idea about tapestry, then you can search on With the help of this link, you will get more specific information about tapestry.

Texas Tuition Promise Fund, Other College Tuition Options Can Save Parents Plenty

As I read about Texas unveiling a new prepaid tuition plan, the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, I couldn’t help but recall our own experiences with a similar prepaid college savings program. At that time, students used to offer Geography tuition to anyone who needed help with the subject. That one was based in Indiana and one of our sons went to college at a great discount because we paid at a guaranteed rate for college tuition, starting when he was very young. No matter how much college tuition rose, our plan guaranteed that our prepaid plan would cover 15 credit hours for every $1000 we paid into the program. By the time our son reached college age, tuition costs had risen dramatically and we saved plenty. 

Will parents or others who invest in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund see similar results? Not necessarily. Many studies, including this one by economic consultant John D. Finnerty of Finnerty Economic Consulting LLC and found here: have focused on the many variables and issues with prepaid college tuition savings plans. It can be a very tricky balancing act to offer an attractive college savings plan that also stays afloat financially. 




When we used Indiana University’s prepaid tuition plan, many years ago, the program closed early. This is one risk of such plans. However, when prepaid college tuition plans like the Texas Tuition Promise Fund work, they can help parents save a bundle of college expenses. So how do parents and students decide if the program is for them?

Texas Tuition Promise Fund – how to find out more about the program 

Potential risks of prepaid college tuition plans aren’t stopping parents and others from checking out the Texas Tuition Promise Fund. It was nearly impossible to get into the site as it opened. Those interested in knowing more about the program can check the main site here: or fill out a form here: to find out more. Those wanting to do a comparison between the new Promise Fund and other college savings plans offered by college can also look here: for comparisons with the Texas College Savings Plan and the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan. 

Evaluating the Texas Tuition Promise Fund and other prepaid college savings programs 

As we learned from personal experience, investing in a prepaid college tuition plan was not as risk-free as it appeared. Over the years, we watched the value of our investment rise and fall, eventually seeing the money stretch to pay a huge chunk of college costs. During the time we had money invested in the Indiana prepaid tuition plan, however, many states suspended or completely closed their programs. This could have happened to us. It was a definite risk. Parents evaluating any prepaid program, including the Texas Tuition Promise Fund, should look at every detail of the plan and weigh risk factors carefully. 



Other options to pay for college 

Although the Texas Tuition Promise Fund may be an ideal way to cover college costs – by paying now to avoid higher tuition later – other options exist. In addition to 529 plans and student loans, some students may be eligible for tuition exchange programs. We used this to fund one son’s college and you can find out more about the Tuition Exchange Program and similar options here: as well as at other sites online. 

Of course, putting aside money and saving ahead for college is a worthy goal, especially when college costs are high. But finding the right plan can take careful research, careful evaluation of the potential benefits and risks of prepaid tuition plans and a look at other options. Even the best plan is no bargain if parents face financial hardship to pay the costs. 

Embracing Your Intuition: Getting Exactly What You Desire

The word intuition is now becoming more accepted in today’s society. But how do we know the difference between intuition and our own random thoughts? Are both of these types of thoughts connected to one another, or is there an unknown spirit putting these images and thoughts into the mind?

Programming to the mind with the ability to manifest your desires is an ability that is not easy to accomplish. The first step in accessing your intuition is to shut down the useless chatter which dominates the mind. When this “mental chatter” is controlled, then the mental block is slowly eliminated and intuition begins to flourish. This will also result in Improved science grades as you will be able to concentrate on your studies more effectively. Additionally, you will see how you memory power will be boosted as you develop a keen sense of intuition.


It’s been said that the word “imagination” is the most harshly used word in the English language. What some of us believe is imagination is actually our intuition trying desperately to speak to us. The third-dimensional mind produces thousands of thoughts an hour, and yet it’s our job to interpret these thoughts and file them away somewhere in the mind.

Intuition is defined by Webster’s dictionary as: “the act by which the mind perceives the agreement or disagreement of two ideas.” If we can’t even get the kids to agree on something, how are we ever going to get millions of thoughts which enter our minds to agree on one simple solution?

Most thoughts that pass through the mind are regrets from the past or worries for the future. These thoughts are put into the mind by the ego. The ego’s job is to keep us aware of our sense of self which controls our thoughts of self-preservation.

Getting beyond these thoughts of self requires the ability to reprogram the mind. And now, the sixty-four thousand dollar question is: can we reprogram our minds to think in a more intuitive manner? And if we can, then what can we do with these intuitive thought patterns once we receive them?


In order to use the mind to get exactly what you want out of life, you must first build a mental filter for the thoughts which enter the mind. The first plan of attack is to be mentally aware of which thoughts normally dominate the mind.

Are these just useless thoughts that you have no power to change or alter in any way? Or are they just worry that constantly play over and over in the mind without any hope of solution? This is where the ego again comes into play.

The ego and the third-dimensional mind are two combatants in life which fight one round after the next into infinity. We play the part of the mental referee as we feed the mind and the ego both, making each one stronger with each thought that enters the mind. Sadly some people continue to replay these thoughts over and over desperately trying to find a solution to a problem that can never be solved.

Throw out all of these thoughts which are worries from the past or future. Every time a “useless” thought enters the mind immediately throw it out and replace it with a positive thought. This is how the subconscious mind comes into play: when you focus the attention of your thoughts on areas of interest while you’re awake.

Mental Clarity

Once you’ve learned to redirect the focus of your thoughts, the mind begins to filter out “some” of the negative thought patterns. These destructive thought patterns are blocking our intuition as they’re constantly bombarding the mind with negativity. Intuition is being drowned out by all of the negativity.

Although negativity is a great teacher in life, an overactive ego can also help negative thoughts to flourish in the mind. Once you’ve broken the mold of destructive thinking the mind begins to open up to intuition in its purest form.

Meditation is also a great way to silence and train the mind. This form of mental relaxation helps to silence the mind of all of the excess mental chatter to get to intuition. Now you’re free to listen to the inner voice which lies within us all.

How many times have you started to do something when an inner voice told you to stop and rethink the whole idea over again? This is intuition in its purest form. The key is to be able to hear this voice at any given moment and react to the information which is provided.

Manifestation of Thought

With the new mental mindset, you’re able to perceive reality with a whole new outlook. The mind has been totally retrained to evaluate situations with a clear perception of reality. The ego is slowly being put in its place.

As you go through the day your focus is now on what you desire, not what you fear. These new thought patterns are now being processed to the subconscious which plays an important part in manifesting your destiny.

Your perception is now open to the opportunities of life itself. As your desires are being internally registered into the inner mind, opportunities soon begin to arrive. Now it’s your job to watch and listen to these “coincidences” when they arrive.

Many opportunities arrive every day, and most of these situations are usually missed in the confusion of our mental perceptions. Living in the moment, not the past or the future is the best way to be mentally aware of opportunities when they arrive at your doorstep.

The ability to listen and to manifest these thoughts and desires is your decision. So, do you continue to listen to these destructive thoughts, or can you shut down the endless chatter of the mind, and listen to intuition when it beckons to you? The answer to this question lies deep within the silence of your mind.

Digital Currencies That Can Possibly Replace Bitcoin!

In today’s modern world, everything is being digitalized, and the currency is no different. It has been a long time since the first-ever digital currency came into the market. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and attracted a lot of investors in its initial stage. It enjoyed great success, but soon, various alternatives to bitcoin were available in the market, which led to the decline of bitcoin. The increase in the competition affected the market of bitcoin adversely. At the present time, there are various digital currencies available in the market identical to bitcoin. Bitcoin had a lot of gute Erfahrungen when it was the only digital currency in the market.

With the decline of bitcoin, investors started to look for other better options as there were plenty of in the market. The success of bitcoin proved to be harmful to it as it gave birth to multiple other cryptocurrencies. They offer better features than the bitcoin and have an enormous scope in the future. There are hundreds of digital currency in the market, but only a few of them have been able to grab a good place in the market and give stiff competition to the first-ever digital currency; bitcoin.

Which are the different types of digital currencies?

Most people know about bitcoin, but they have minimal knowledge about digital currencies other than bitcoin. There is a various alternative to bitcoin which are quite popular among the investors.


It is one of the most popular digital currencies after bitcoin and can possibly replace bitcoin in the future. The blockchain technology used by this digital currency is somewhat the same as the bitcoin but uses a different currency. The currency used by ethereum is termed as ether and has not governing authorities as it is controlled and manages by its users. The most significant advantage of using Ethereum is that it removes the role of third parties or intermediaries. It lowers the cost of transactions as you need not pay to the intermediaries and also speed up the transaction saving a lot of precious time of the users.

You need not wait for paperwork completion as everything is done over the internet. It saves you a lot of time and removes the burden of handling a lot of paperwork. It also encrypts the transactions and keeps a proper record of all the transactions making them more safe and secure.


If you are looking for high paced transactions, then ripple is the best option for you. It is highly fast and completes the transactions in mere seconds. Most of the other currencies take a few minutes, and the normal currencies can eve take some days. Ripple provides a platform for users to send and receive payments all over the world. You can use this platform to exchange different currencies at a much lower cost. It makes it possible to make international payments in a flash of seconds without spending much money.

The best thing about ripple is that it is highly cost-effective and saves a lot of money. Usually, international payment fees are quite high, but it allows it at a much lower price. The transaction speed is something that makes ripple stand out of the other digital currencies. It can easily completely around 1500 transactions in a second.


It sounds like bitcoin but is different from it, although it has some identical features to it. It uses the blockchain technology to verify all the transactions and makes it safe and secure for the users. The transaction speed of litecoin is quite better than bitcoin as it can easily complete the transaction in 2.5 minutes, whereas bitcoin takes around 10 minutes to complete the transaction. It also beats bitcoin in the amount of currency held as it has about 84 million litecoins, whereas bitcoin has only 21 million currencies with it. The system and algorithms of litecoin are simple, which makes it more convenient for users to use it. It can easily be cracked, so while mining it, you need not have a powerful and expensive computer system as it can be mined easily. It takes less effort and involves meager complexities.


It is another cryptocurrency that focuses on the future of digital currency and is based on the view that as more devices will have an internet connection, the number of micropayments will boost up. It focuses on making these payments quick and offers this service free of cost, making it more affordable. The price of IOTA is around $0.58 and has a capital of whopping $1.63 billion in the market.

Stellar Lumens

The co-founder of ripple created it, but unlike ripple, it is an open-source network. It primarily focuses on the institutions and is based on the FBA algorithm. The currency of stellar is termed as Lumens and attracts a lot of investors.


Cryptocurrencies: The Way It Works

Since the launch of bitcoin the first cryptocurrency in 2009, the digital market has been revolutionized by these cryptocurrencies. Every year we see several new cryptocurrencies being launched in the digital market. So what are these cryptocurrencies and how do they work?

Cryptocurrencies can be defined as digital assets that you can exchange or use for financial purposes. These cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology which enables them to decentralize the complete control of the currency.

These cryptocurrencies work outside any government body and are exchanged or traded over the internet only. There are several ways in which you can exchange or trade these cryptocurrencies. For these automatisiert exchanges or trade, you are charged by your service provider a certain amount that is in accordance with your exchange amount.

There are basically four ways in which you can use these cryptocurrencies:

  1. Exchange

This is the most common and the simplest way through which you can exchange your cryptocurrency online. These online exchange platforms allow you to exchange your cryptocurrencies with other assets. You just have to pay some transaction fees.

  1. ATMs

First launched in the US in 2014, these bitcoin ATMs allowed you to get money in exchange for your cryptocurrency namely bitcoins. You just need an identification document to verify your identity and these ATMs will give you complete access to your online cryptocurrency wallet.

  1. Atomic Swaps

When you exchange any cryptocurrency with another, this process of exchange is known as an atomic swap. These transactions do not require any intermediaries such as banks as well. 

  1. Initial Coin Offering

ICOs are the most controversial ways of raising bitcoins used by companies that are trying to start any business venture using bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrencies are designed in such a way that they use strong cryptographic codes for secure and safe transactions. In addition to that, they use blockchain technology which allows the user to make all the transactions without any third party services. This blockchain technology also provides the user with a decentralized experience as all the data that is stored in the blocks of the blockchain is directly shared with all the members of the network. All the members have access to this data and they can add more blocks of data to the blockchain as well. There are miners who provide computational powers to the blockchain network in order to verify and process any of the transactions. In return, they are rewarded with bitcoins or any other form of cryptocurrency for their work.

This is what makes cryptocurrencies completely decentralized. As all the data is shared over the network and this data can not be altered or changed once added makes cryptocurrencies more stable and reliable than any of the banking services. With the introduction of several new cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ripple users can even customize all of these services according to their requirements as well. These new cryptocurrencies offer much faster transaction rates and high customizable interfaces making them more useful for private businesses. 

However, there are several downsides to these cryptocurrencies as well, all the cryptocurrencies are globally criticized for being quite ambiguous. As there is no control of the government over any of the cryptocurrencies, they are often used for funding illegal activities and for money laundering as well. 


The Fundamentals Of Blockchain Development

Money transactions have become fast, transparent, and convenient online. You get to shop and run an e-commerce site all from a virtual platform. However, the transfer of financial assets and money still have to go through banks or a central authority to link and clear funding which could take days and could be a real hassle. The current money market isn’t just slow but also less secure and expensive. The introduction of blockchain development hier testen is meant to reformat financial transactions in the digital landscape.

In essence, blockchain development is designed to improve business operations and make them more intuitive. It is continuously reshaping industries so people can do business the smarter way. Even the bigwigs in the industry such as Walmart and Pfizer have now developed blockchain startups in the line of food safety and medicine tracking. ICOs have also been very successful in funding businesses of all shapes and sizes. Businesses have integrated blockchains into their system and have made significant progress in their financial transactions.

What is a Blockchain?

It consolidates a network of computers that validate evey transaction. If you know Bitcoin, the prime mover in cryptocurrencies, then you will know how strong the blockchain’s impact is many businesses today. This is the technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies out there. It’s a data structure that creates and validates series of transactions in a computer ecosystem. This system allows users to comfirm transactions in minutes without the intervention of a central authority. Blockchain development technology has been adopted by many banking and financial institutions which include big names such as NASDAQ, US Federal Reserve, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays Bank.

Private Blockchains

There is a central authority that controls transactions in a private blockchain. This means that the permissions and modification rights are centralized in a network. A private blockchain helps ensure efficiency in terms of validation and reduction in transaction expenses.

Public Blockchains

Just like Bitcoin, public blockchains refer to a completely decentralized platform that allows every user to read, send, and validate each transaction before a block is created and included in the public ledger. This is very secure because it uses cryptographic verification which makes sure that transactions are legitimate and verifiable. It forms a consensus and incentivizes validators that participate in the verification process.

Here the steps to take in Blockchain Development:

Define the Problem

You can either build your blockchain from scratch which is easier because you just have to do a migraition of your current application to a blockchain or define a problem and propose solutions to these pain points that you want to address. You need to know whether your business or the problem you need to solve requires the use of blockchain. Identify the benefits your business can bring to the table.

Find the Right Blockchain Platform for Your Business

Not all blockchain platforms are created equal so there is a good match that would fit your brand. The blockchain platform would depend on the problem you intend to solve and also on the consensus mechanism.

Mind Mapping and Formulation of Blockchain Ideas

You have to brainstorm on the implementation of your blockchain startup. First off, you have to design a blockchain model of the current application and conceptualize on the workflow. It’s basically an ideation and you have to decide on the programming language, servers, and the external database of your application.

After you demonstrate and deliver a proof-of-concept, you then proceed to develop a prototype. You should focus more on the blockchain development process specifically on the technical and visual designs as well as the actual building of the application.

Top 6 Perfect Gift Ideas for SpongeBob Squarepants Fans for Under $20

Sometimes the perfect gifts are hard to find and when you are on a budget it can make your gift shopping a little harder. These gift ideas are great for SpongeBob Squarepants fans and they will have hours of fun playing with them. This list was created after my youngest son who was probably the biggest SpongeBob Squarepants fan.

SpongeBob Squarepants gift ideas for under $20: Crayola Sidewalk Stencils

This gift is cost $4.98 and is well worth it. It comes with colorful chalks, paints and stencils in your child’s favorite character. What I liked the most about this product is that it is washable and made by Crayola. Your child will have hours of fun playing on the sidewalk with this great gift. The recommended age is 4 years and up.

SpongeBob Squarepants gift ideas for under $20: 3-D Puzzle

This gift is perfect for the puzzle lover and could help with their hand and eye coordination. The puzzle cost $9.99 and can be used over and over or if you want to save a masterpiece, you can help your child glue the pieces together to form a cool little 3-D decoration. The SpongeBob Squarepants 3-D puzzle is recommended for ages 7 and up.

SpongeBob Squarepants gift ideas for under $20: 16 Inch Backpack with removable mouth

If you want to give your child a treat to take to school, this would be the perfect gift. The backpack will bring a smile to your child’s face when they remove the face to reveal SpongeBob Squarepants sticking out his mouth. This adorable backpack cost $14.99 and is recommended for ages 5-7 or an older child who likes to be a goof ball.

SpongeBob Squarepants gift ideas for under $20: Junior Series Skateboard

Imagine this, SpongeBob Squarepants has his own series in skateboards. There are twenty-one different images to choose from and is perfect for your little skateboarder. The recommended age for the skateboard is 6 -9 and cost $14.99.

SpongeBob Squarepants gift ideas for under $20: Tennis Racquet

For your little tennis lover, you can get them a SpongeBob Squarepants tennis racquet and have two images to choose from. This gift is great for little hands that are just learning to play tennis. The recommended age for this item is 4-8 years old and cost $19.99.

SpongeBob Squarepants gift ideas for under $20: I can play the Guitar Software

This software comes complete with 6 songs, one game and a jam session. The music is played through your child. There are color-coded notes that will help your child along the way. This gift does not come with the customized guitar that plugs into the television but would be perfect to add to their collection of SpongeBob gear that they already have. The recommended age for the software is 6-10 and cost $16.99.

When it comes to spongebob, you will need a sensory gym, where there are children who are quite fond of squarepants.