Why Your Business Needs An Effective Seo Strategy

We have been getting a lot of requests lately for optimizing what we are doing for our clients and how SEO fits into the online presence picture. This is a blog post from our partners at Voy Media. They are working with some of our clients and their online presence has improved dramatically. Here is what they have to say about why your business needs an effective SEO strategy:

“If you have a business, then you have probably heard the phrase “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO mentioned as a way to promote yourself. But perhaps nobody has clearly explained to you what SEO is and how it can have a direct correlation on the success of your business. Often the information that does get through to business owners is either so watered down that it is incorrect, or so technical that it is absolutely useless. We can help explain.

Defining SEO

The most basic explanation of SEO is that search engines, Google being the main one, decide how results are ordered based on a number of signals and factors.

Over 1/3 of people that search on Google clicks on the top result, and only a few percent go past the first page of results to find what they are looking for. Obviously, you want to be at the top of the search results for search terms, also known as keywords, that are relevant to your business and that people search for most often. SEO is figuring out the signals that the search engines use, determining how your website compares to those of your competitors in the search results and building effective and diverse signals to take you to the top.

Do I really need SEO?

The answer is simply, YES. If you currently do not have an SEO strategy for your business website, then you are letting the competition win the battle hands down. Your competitors are walking into the end zone untouched, and earning the business of consumers that could and should be yours if you had a strong SEO / Internet Marketing strategy. Why? Because they most likely are performing SEO and you are not. By not being on the first page of Google you are getting either no clicks or just a small fraction of clicks from consumers that intend to purchase the products or services that you offer.

Clear increases in leads and sales

We have seen, over and over, the enormous impact that proper SEO can have on a business. The results are often so profound that you quickly notice increased sales, leads, traffic to your website, and phone calls from consumers inquiring about your services.

Still not sure?

Some business owners feel that they would not benefit from SEO. Here are some of the concerns that we come across occasional:

“I Receive My Leads from Referrals”

Receiving leads from referrals is great and can certainly play a key role in having a successful business. However, referrals are just one chess piece in the match. The reason that you are relying on referrals is that your website is not being found well on the internet, thus making referrals your main source of revenue. Adding an effective SEO strategy to the mix will help people find you on their own and label you as the leader in the industry.

“My Product is Too Expensive”

As an example, let’s say the term you would use to describe your business is “design architects”. Now, architectural designers certainly offer expensive services, yet this term has approximately 135,000 local monthly internet searches. Even if your product or services are expensive there are still thousands of people scouring the internet every month, researching, and becoming informed before they decide to make a purchase. If you are not found, then chances are they will not do business with you.

“My Services are Too Personal”

Let’s take for example “nursing home care”, this is a very personal decision that you may think would be based on trusted referrals. However, over 400,000 local internet searches are performed each month for this and closely related terms.

The point to be made is that no matter what your business is, there are thousands of people that are looking for your products and services on the web. Just imagine what it would mean to your business if you could capture just a small fraction of those consumers.”


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