What is a Cartomizer & How Does it Work?

Cartomizer Tanks have always been a popular product among e-cigarette users. In fact, they instantly started to blossom after their creation just a few years ago in 2011.

They were created just how they sound and the idea was to continue with a cartomizer but to add more volume for e-liquid, which means fewer refills. These tanks also improved the average life of a cartomizer because the cartomizer tank apart keeps the coil wet constantly

There are a few different styles. The most common is a vertical coil carton, where the internal coil runs up and down, instead of side to side like in most attys. There is no wick, the filler material surrounds the outside of the coil and supplies juice that way. The airflow goes through the middle of the coil, instead

Also, there are two different versions of the cartomizer tank, one being a single coil cartomizer and the other being the more common dual coil cartomizer. Many manufacturers produce the DCT (Dual Coil Tank) more often because of its lengthier size. Electronic cigarette manufactures also have atomizer tanks as well.of over the outside of the coil-like with an Atty.

The tank is typically a plastic tube (there are some glass versions also), with two end caps that have holes in them just big enough to accept a 510 cartomizer. Just inside the holes of the end caps are rubber o’ring seals. When the cartomizer is slid into one end, the tank is then filled with e-liquid. Once the tank is filled completely, the cartomizer continues to slide up and out the opposite hole. The o’rings seal the gap between the cartomizer and don’t allow any e-liquid to pass through.

In general, a tank is basically a large clearomizer that can hold e-liquid. It uses a simple design with higher capabilities, so it does not require constant filling. However, depending on the tank, it could be anything from 2ml to 5ml or even higher. There are sub-ohm tanks that are basically the same as standard tanks. In simple words, it means that they can easily deal with higher watts and further results in better vapors production and enriched flavor. Atomizer’s head connects to a device in a similar manner as clearomizer and other tanks. However, it generally has larger wicking ports that ensure the smooth supply of e-liquid during vaporization. In addition, sub-ohm tanks can also deal with higher VG e-liquids you can buy from vape liquid online.

The tank serves as a reservoir for your flavored juices or e liquids. Tanks are generally larger than cartridges so the vaper does not have to keep refilling with his or her e-liquid.

There are different tank brands that provide premium quality products. Aspire, Innokin, Joyetech, Smoktech, Uwell, etc. are some of the renowned manufacturers. They offer products for both basic and advanced vapers and you can easily buy their products according to your needs or preferences. Uwell Crown Tank, Smok TFV12 Tank, and Aspire Nautilus Tank are one of the best tanks.


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