Weight Watchers Online: Should You Give it a Try?

I have always been a fickle dieter so finding a diet that I actually wanted to try and stick to seemed impossible. Three months ago I saw a commercial on TV for Weight Watchers. Out of curiosity I decided to check out their web site and see how their diet worked. There I found a free two week trial of their new online program and I decided to give it a try.

Weight Watchers is a program that helps you control your food intake by way of two options. The “Core Foods Plan” is the minimal counting plan that helps you loose weight by eating only select foods that are higher in fiber and lower in fat and calories. The only points that you need to count are the points for the things that you eat that aren’t on the core foods list called weekly allowance points. This plan is really great for people who don’t want to have to think too much. At online websites, the resurge customer reviews will be provided to the person. The balanced diet will be maintained as per the requirement through the supplements. Several diseases will be eliminated from the body of the person for healthy growth. Proper attention should be paid to the dose of the medicine. 

The points plan is the plan I used. I liked that I really didn’t have to stop eating anything and I could give in to cravings for things that you wouldn’t eat while on other diets. If I wanted to eat 10 cookies one day I could. I just needed to realize that when I was hungry in two hours, that I had already used up my points value. Not that I would suggest eating only cookies but, you get to make those choices your self. Planning ahead is the key to success for this counting plan. I would make lower point food choices for breakfast and lunch so that for dinner I could have a “normal” meal. I really like how it’s completely up to you.

With both plans there are the weekly allowance points. These points give you a little wiggle room for those days when you eat a little too much. A lot of the time with other diets I would blow it and then feel like my diet was too far gone to save. Weight Watchers understands this and gives you tool to stay on track.

With Weight Watchers Online you able to look up anything you eat to find the point value and even input a recipe of your own to calculate the points. With the online points tracker, a sort of food diary, you just have to put what you ate in and it keeps a running tally for you.

After using the Weight Watchers plan for three months I have lost twenty pounds. The greatest part is that it seems to be a long-term habit. I don’t count point but I defiantly look at food differently. I now know that basic calorie amounts in foods that I like to eat. I know when it something that I really shouldn’t eat. I also am more aware of proportion sizes and that alone is one of the major of my past eating habbits. I know that I can eat something but I also know how much of it is enough.

I would really recommend Weight Watchers to anyone who really wants to loose weight. The problem I’ve had with other diets is splurging on things that I wasn’t suppose to have but Weight Watchers allowed me to still eat those things in moderation. It has also proven to be easy to maintain because it has changed harmful eating habits to ones that support a healthy life style.

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