Vitamins and Minerals: Recommended Daily Allowance Can Make You Healthier

Vitamins and minerals. Two words that go together like milk and cookies. We also hear that you need to get your recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals and we hear a lot of generic information about such things as the B vitamins, Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. But what do these things really do to help us out? Why is taking certain vitamins and minerals so important?

Each year more studies are conclude that indicate that vitamins and minerals are key to maintaining good health and fighting off disease. Of course, it can still be overwhelming to try to understand which of those many vitamins and minerals you should focus on if you are concerned about a specific health problem. This article is not intended to focus on every single vitamin and mineral known to man, nor every single health problem that vitamins and minerals can help control. Hopefully, you will read this and find something that is of specific use to you, but more importantly it is hoped that you will use this modest article as a jumping off point to give you the incentive to track down the wealth of information on how increasing your daily intake of vitamins and minerals can help you ward off health problems ranging from colds to cancer.

Studies conducted on the effects of Vitamin C on patients with breathing disorders such as asthma and bronchitis found that the most effective lungs belonged to those who consumed the most Vitamin C per day. Just how much more effective are these lungs of the citrus eaters? The difference in lung capacity between those who drank just 10 ounces of orange juice a day compared to those on the lowest end of the Vitamin C consumption scale is comparable to the difference in lung functioning between a nonsmoker and a pack a day smoker. Before purchasing the medicines, a visit can be made at the official website of rebel health tribe. The supplements are the best for the health of the person. The supplements will make the health of the person good with less side-effect. The charges will be charged as per the budget of the person. 

If you suffer from diabetes, seriously consider upping your daily intake of milk. Studies have connected increased rates of blood pressure and triglyceride levels, along with insulin resistance in men who don’t get enough Vitamin D. Every one of those are problems associated with Type II diabetes. Those who consumed the equivalent of four eight ounce glasses of milk were shown to reduce the high levels.

Do you find yourself experiencing more intense pain and staying sore for longer periods of time after you exercise? Next time you engage in vigorous exercise, try this out: Get your RDA of Vitamin E-and then a little extra-in the twenty-four hour periods both before and after exercise. Studies indicate that large doses of Vitamin E can help to reduce not only the soreness in your muscles, but can also contain the damage to them that you might be doing.

You may be increasing your risk for either heart attack or stroke if you aren’t getting enough folic acid. Folic acid, which can be found naturally in such foods as beans, green leafy veggies, and peanuts, take in recommended doses can help stave off increased levels of an amino acid known as homocysteine. Increased levels of homocysteine has been linked to increased risk of both heart problems and strokes.

Admit it, you’ll take just about anything if it gets rid of a migraine, won’t you? Studies are looking good for the use of magnesium in the ongoing search for an all-purpose cure of migraine pain. In one controlled study using placebos, over half of those who took magnesium supplements reported experiencing fewer migraines than those who took the placebo. Of course, when you consider that almost a third of those taking the sugar pills reporter fewer migraines, one might very well tempted to think that for many people migraine relief as well as migraine pain is all in the head.

Selenium, which is found in such food as chicken, seafood, grains, egg yolks, onions and mushrooms, may turn out to be a major ally in the against cancer. A massive, decade-long study concluded that those who took 200 micrograms of selenium a day reduced their risk of developing colorectal, prostate and lung cancer by almost half compared to those patients who didn’t take selenium.

If you’re depression medication doesn’t seem to be working as well, consider a checkup with the doctor so he can check your folate level. The folate level checks whether you have a deficiency the B vitamin Folic Acid. A study of people who were taking antidepressants indicated that some antidepressant medications are less effective in people with low folate levels.

During cold season, search out zinc lozenges, which you can easily obtain over the counter at your local drug store. Studies indicate that those who take zinc lozenges to relive cold or flu symptoms got over their illness in almost half the time it took those who didn’t take zinc lozenges. In addition to recovering quicker, those who took the zinc lozenges also reported that their symptoms were not as intense.

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