Top 5 Vampire Movies

For a horror geek, I don’t really care for vampire flicks. Maybe it’s because I don’t normally listen to goth music. Maybe it’s because I don’t wear black for the sake of wearing black. Maybe it’s because I don’t like them. Whatever the reason, I’ve never fallen for the films that other rabid gore guzzlers seem to lap up. Fright Night, The Lost Boys, and Near Dark are all overrated, in my humble opinion. Not even 1931’s Dracula can woo me with much conviction. What vampire films are left, you ask? Well, here are what I consider to be the five greatest bloodsucker bashes of all time that you can watch for free on tinyzone and update your movie knowledge. 

  1. Horror of Dracula –

This Hammer classic revamped (pun intended) the Lugosi version in a refreshing, grandiloquent way. It’s pure horror to the decaying bone. The sets are majestic, the atmosphere is bleak, and the imagery would enliven the most unflappable genre buff. With a cast including Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Michael Gough, it’s hard to steer off course.

  1. The Night Flier –

The most underrated Stephen King adaptation out there. The story follows a tabloid journalist who is determined to catch “The Night Flier,” a vampire who flies into desolate airports in the middle of the nights and feasts upon the locals. I never tire of watching this film. Miguel Ferrer’s performance as the hardened Richard Dees is faultless. The special effects are first-class for a straight-to-video jotting. Yes, it was sent barreling to video shelves, but don’t let that deter you. This is easily the best vampire yarn that no one ever chirps about.

  1. Nosferatu

I’m referring to the 1922 silent version, though the 1979 remake is just as masterful. Nosferatu portrays Dracula (here dubbed Count Orlock due to legal issues) as a meek, sallow creature who would rather keep to himself than seduce a concubine. It’s a darker take on the legend, and I like it. The lighting coupled with the clever shadow play creates a dreadful aura that outstrips any other silent horror film. This superannuated spooker is far more effective than its Universal counterparts.

  1. Blade II –

The original Blade didn’t tickle my pickle, but this souped-up sequel kicks a wide variety of ass. The action is unrelenting, the blood flows like grape soda, the camerawork is kinetic, and the pace never lets up. Less is more? I beg to differ. This flick will rip your veins out. In a good way.

  1. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death –

This is one of the more original vamp vestibules in the annals of horror history. Its methodical build-up may turn away some viewers, but those who stick around for the surreal third act are in for a treat along with a few tricks. I can dig on subtle genre fare just as heartily as I relish the visceral stuff. With “Jessica,” we’re allowed to develop a kinship with the characters before things begin to fester. You’ll be able to spot the twist ending from light-years away, but it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the film. Let’s invite Jessica to a vampire movie marathon!

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