There is a Spa for Everyone

My oldest granddaughter turned thirteen a few months ago and I wanted to do something special for her. She is at that age where she sometimes feels to old for her younger sisters’ games, and yet, at times she is not quite mature enough to understand adulthood. Therefore, I thought a day being pampered with grandma might do the trick. I did some searching on the internet and received some education. For one thing, I did not realize there were so many different types of spas. Furthermore, I did not realize that all these spas offered so many different services.

For instance, here are the types of spas I have discovered so far.

* The pampering type of spa does just that. You are pampered with aromatherapy, facials, and massages. (I am looking close at one of these).

* A fitness spa will help you with a weight loss program. You will also be able to participate in any indoor and outdoor sports, or fitness classes.

* A stress reduction spa will help you learn strategies to manage stress and relax.

* There are spas that will help you with your inner journey by teaching yoga, meditation, and tai chi to find your inner peace.

* There is another type of spa that will guide you to a healthier lifestyle through your health choices.

I also discovered that booking a day at a local spa for a first time spa experience would be very beneficial. However, do not rush to the phone just yet. There is a reason why going to a local spa would be very beneficial. Actually, there is more than one reason. Visit a spa personally, and check a few things out for yourself.

* What is the tone of the place?

* Is the atmosphere quiet and calm?

* Is the spa clean?

* Is the personnel clean and genuine friendly?

* Are there separate changing rooms for males and females?

* Do they provide robes and slippers?

* And do the lockers actually lock?

Ask for a brochure of the different services offered, so when, and if, you do call for an appointment, you can be a little educated on the types of questions you will be asked. You may also need to choose from different kinds of therapies, massages, or body scrubs. You may also be asked if you would like a manicure or a pedicure. Everyone is required to go to the spa and avail the benefit. Choose the skin care services like facials while spending money on the cosmetic treatment. The selection of the best products should be done through the person available at the place. Massages, therapies and other services will be offered under the budget. 

Also, keep in mind that when attending a spa for whatever reason, you will be guided by professionals, so you will be charged accordingly. If you are in no hurry, look for specials being offered by the different spas. However, even if there are no specials, be like me and spoil yourself at least once while we escape into another world for a while.

I hope this has helped you. I think I know which one I am going to investigate further. Now, it is just a matter of matching our schedules. That may prove to be the biggest challenge yet.

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