Stay Hot and Healthy This Winter

How will you stay hot and healthy this winter? Fitness buffs know exercise is an awesome way to stay hot and healthy in winter months. You are what you eat, so why not eat hot and healthy too? While you’re at it, you can stay hot and healthy in a steaming spa. Before I give too much away, here’s a list of five things you can do to stay hot and healthy this winter. Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose, but you can fend him off with these fun, healthy, hot activities and foods.

  1. Bikram Yoga is a healthy way to stay hot this winter. They even call it hot yoga. Why? Bikram yoga is a series of yoga poses performed in an overheated room. Your muscles stay lubed for limber stretching. Not only that, you sweat off toxins and pounds with every workout session. If you decide to stay hot and healthy with hot yoga this winter, bring your own towel and mat. You’re going to need them.
  2. Have a hot time in the old sauna this winter to stay healthy. Take a toxin bath. Sweating out toxins can be done in a sauna too. Not really into saunas? How about a healthy hot rock massage? Visit your local sweat lodge, community rec center, or luxurious spa to stay hot and healthy this winter. Next year may be bikini season for you. Stranger things have happened.
  3. Crank the heat up with outdoor sports to stay healthy this winter. It may be cold outside, but you won’t notice. Sledding, skiing, skating, snowshoeing and other winter sports may be done in the cold, but they can really heat you up. Quit your couch potato status. Play outdoor sports or just go dancing, you hottie! Don’t let the cold stop you from getting hot and healthy this winter.
  4. Hot apple cider is a healthier winter drink than hot cocoa. It’s slimming and cleansing too. Another alternative to fattening hot cocoa is antioxidant rich green or white tea. Add lemon for even more cleansing benefit. If you must have the hot cocoa, stick to dark cocoa with less sugar added. Who knew you could stay hot and healthy in winter by sipping a scrumptious beverage?
  5. Eat some red hot chili peppers to stay healthy this winter. If you really want to turn up the heat, here’s a (not so secret) secret. Hot peppers are extremely good for your health. Get some healthy food that could be nose reshaping so you can have a relaxing nd refreshing winter.As a natural cure, they tackle everything from asthma to arthritis. Here in Denver, we have no problem getting our daily chili pepper requirement. Guess we’ll all be hot and healthy this winter. How about you?
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James Scott is a general news and feature writer of Untitled Magazine. Prior joining the company, he previously worked as a senior writer in different publishing companies in New York.