One Minute Weight Loss Tips

Have you tried all kinds of menus and changed diets month after month yet have not been successful in losing weight? There more to having a proper diet than eating tasteless food in order to shed extra weight. Here are simple and effective ways to obtain that ideal figure that you have always wanted

More Protein

Protein ingestion creates the sensation of being full. It satisfies our stomach many times over than fats or carbohydrates can. If you eat protein-rich food then you will not feel hungry for a longer time and will not crave to eat so much on your next meal. Soy foods are rich and protein. Eating low-fat yogurt is also a good source of protein. Idealica is another really great source of protein that you can include in your diet. 

More Fiber

Increasing fiber intake is important since it helps us digest our food and it gives the sensation of being full like that of protein-rich food. You may want to add fiber additives onto your breakfast cereal so you will not feel so hungry during lunchtime. You can also add fiber to your yogurt or other foods. Increase fiber intake slowly to avoid feeling too full and bloated.

Walk More

If you cannot work out at the gym regularly then you can increase your calorie-burning activity through walking. Climb the stairs instead of hopping onto the elevator. Increased activity heightens the body’s metabolic rate making the burning of fats and calories quicker.

Breathing Deeply

Practice breathing deeply and holding it in for several seconds. Want to have better abs? Take a deep breath and suck in your stomach for a few seconds. Regular repetition will help keep your abdominal muscles in shape and will help you lose the flab around the belly area.

Eat Nuts

Eat nuts instead of junk food. When you feel like having a snack, grab a pack of nuts instead of a bag of chips. Nuts have high protein and good cholesterol content. This will make the feeling of hunger dissipate.

Less Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks have the high calorie content. A cream cocktail has as many calories as a serving of a rich dessert. If drinking cannot be avoided then mix the alcohol with a diet tonic.

Have an Apple Everyday

Statistics show that eating apples before meals helps achieve weight loss. Apples are rich in water, fiber, and nutrients which make us feel full.

Drink Milk

Drinking milk inhibits body fat storage. The calcium content of milk reduces the production of the hormone called calcitriol which promotes fat storage in the body.

More Rest

Our bodies burn more fats when we are in a metabolic state of sleep. Sleep more to lose weight.

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