Is Renting Designer Handbags And Other Fashion Accessories a Scam?

Renting designer handbags and other fashion accessories such as jewelry or sunglasses was once something that only the stars would do. With the latest designer fashion accessories being so costly to purchase it is impossible for many of us to ever even imagine carrying a designer handbag or wearing designer jewelry or sunglasses, let alone the thought of owning such items. Some fashion accessories are so far out of price range when it comes to purchasing them that people have now opted to rent such items. Such is the day that Americans are now renting designer handbags when they can’t even afford to pay the bills…

How much do these designer fashion accessories such as handbags and sunglasses actually cost to rent? Depending on the item, the prices that women are now paying to rent designer handbags could almost pay to purchase the same bags at discount stores online. That’s right-women are wasting tons of money renting designer handbags when they could be saving the money toward the purchase of similar fashion accessories that they would actually OWN.

The cost of renting designer handbags far outweighs the benefits. For instance, you rent a designer handbag or some combination of fashion accessories for a month at a price of $100. Multiply this by twelve months in the year to come to a total amount of $1200 annually spent on renting designer fashion accessories. This makes renting designer handbags not only seem ludicrous and insane, but also a bit dumb. $1200 A year….that could buy the same designer fashion accessories on eBay or one of many other online sites that offer such products.

Why do women continue renting designer handbags and fashion accessories? The only possible answer that makes any sense regarding the decision of women to continue renting designer handbags and fashion accessories is the underlying need to feel wealthy. Unfortunately, renting designer handbags will make a woman far less wealthy over time as she continues to throw away money for nothing. In the end, the only thing that is left is a hefty rental bill for a bunch of designer fashion accessories and jewelry that will never be seen again.

The problem with certain women is that they are not satisfied with what they have and always look for the best model, especially in shopping items that involve jewelry and handbags, leaving the bills to be handled by their husbands. A true luxurytastic review that they provide on designer handbags is that the brands are of the best quality and they are not willing to wait for special occasions to spend lavishly on it.

The only time that it seems reasonable to spend hard earned money on renting designer handbags or any other fashion accessories is for special occasions in which these items are most needed and noticed. Noticed is the big factor when it comes to renting designer handbags as this is what women are striving for when they make the decision to rent such items. The problem is that in most cases nobody notices what type of bag you are carrying or if it changes on a monthly basis. The only time people really notice things like this is at large events which do not come every day!

How can women keep from renting designer handbags and fashion accessories? Saving is the best way to prevent the desire that women have to rent designer handbags. Save the money every time you think about renting fashion accessories and put it into a special account. In no time at all you will be able to purchase your very own designer fashion accessories that you get to keep and treasure forever. Granted, you may not afford some luxury items such as the $10,000 bag that you saw on TV last night, but at least you can buy something of similar style for far less than the amount that you will pay to rent it for a year.

Although renting designer handbags may seem like a good deal, it is important to keep in mind that renting any type of fashion accessory results in a lack of money and a lack of the item in the end. You actually get nothing out of renting handbags besides less money in your pocket!

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