Is Botox Safe To Use For You?

Although Botox has been used by plastic surgeons since 1989, it’s only been used as a cosmetic injection since 2002. It is by far one of the most common and popular treatments for reducing the appearance of brow wrinkles and furrows and is popular among men and women. Botox is affordable and markedly reduces the appearances of lines and deep furrows between the brows. But is it for you?

What is Botox?

Botox is produced by the bacterium called Clostridium botulinum and is a purified protein. Botox is injected via a syringe directly into the muscles in the brow and helps to reduce anywhere from moderate to severe “frown” lines located there. Botox is the most popular treatment used in cosmetic for enhancing the look of nose and lips. There will be paralyzing of the muscles to avoid unwanted movement in the muscles of nose.

It only takes the physician or aesthetician about 10-15 minutes to inject the Botox and the procedure is extremely convenient. In fact, you can have the procedure done on your lunch hour if you want! It is not a painful process. In my two experiences with Botox, the only pain I felt was when the needle was injected; however, it is such a tiny needle that you can barely feel it. If you want, though, most physicians will offer to first numb the area with ice or anesthetic cream.

How Botox Works

The principle behind Botox is that it blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to where the muscles have been injected. This in turn reduces the activity of the muscles which are behind the formation of lines and furrows in your brow.

Results usually show within a few days (but some people have reported that it’s a month before they notice). My results showed within two days.

Is Botox expensive?

The cost of Botox is relatively inexpensive. My doctor charges around $10 per cc, or around $90 a syringe. When I think of the amount of money I’ve spent on very expensive eye and skin creams over the years, to me this is not an expensive alternative.


Not only are the results superior to that obtained through various creams, the lines and furrows will usually stay away for four months. (Individual results vary but most people can expect to have results last up to four months.)

My Opinion

At this juncture in my life, I have had Botox injections twice and must admit it truly helps reduce the appearance of the lines between the brows. In fact, I plan to continue with Botox injections until the next best thing comes along. After spending a lot of money on very pricey creams and serums, I am completely impressed with the results of Botox, the convenience of the procedure, and the way it makes me feel about my skin.

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