How To Make a Hotel Room Romantic

hotel rooms can be pretty generic and bland. Usually there’s a bed, desk, television, phone and bathroom. Yet there are easy ways to make these basic rooms into a romantic setting for you and your loved one.


If you plan on being in a hotel with your loved one, bring candles with you. Place them around the room away from anything flammable. Turn off the lights and enjoy the dim romantic setting.

How To Make a Hotel Room Romantic

Rose Petals

Sure we’ve seen it done in the movies, but why not try it out yourself? If you purchase roses before entering the hotel, you can remove the petals and sprinkle them on the floor leading to the bed.

How To Make a Hotel Room Romantic


Some televisions in hotel rooms have a music channel. If not, there is bound to be either a radio or a CD player in the room. Put on your favorite romantic music and create an atmosphere of love.


Have a lovers’ toast with a bottle of champagne. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the hotel or at a local store. Combined with strawberries, this is a sure way to enhance the romance.

How To Make a Hotel Room Romantic


Depending on where the hotel is located, you might have a balcony. If so, sit outside with your loved one. Bring a blanket out with you if it’s chilly. Nothing says romance more than cuddling under the stars.