Health Benefits for Smokers that Exercise

Smokers that Practice Regular Physical Fitness Will Reduce Their Health Risk

Exercise will decreases the health risk for smokers by a significant amount. If you haven’t been able to quit using tobacco products, and are worried about the health complications involved with lighting up, than consider a cardiovascular workout to improve your health.

Studies, and research findings conducted by the American Association of Cancer, and the America Heart Association suggest that exercise lowers the threat of disease, and illness caused by smoking. Therefore, keeping fit will subtract from the exposure of maladies brought on by the use of tobacco products.

Heart Disease from smoking causes more deaths than smoking caused by Lung Cancer. In addition, the American Heart Association stated that 34.7 percent of deaths were cardiovascular-related. Even more, participating in a regular exercise routine will reduce: anxiety, depression, mood and stress factors along with the danger of life threatening complications that are triggered from the use of tobacco consumption. Studies show smokers that are physically active lower their risk of contracting Cardiovascular Disease by 35 percent, and Lung Cancer by 74 percent.

According to Dr. Judith Garcia-Aymerich from the Medical Research in Spain; smokers that are moderately active to very active will reduce their risk of contracting any serious lung ailment by 20 percent. Furthermore, an active cardiovascular workout at least three times a week will reduce the threat of dying from heart attack, and stroke by 40 percent. The more a person works out the better their health will be. In North America, a 2003 report from the National Health study conducted by the Center for Disease Control, and Prevention states that; “Cigarette smoking is linked to an estimated 90 percent of all lung cancer cases.” In addition, the American Cancer Association study at the University of Exeter states that exercise greatly reduces the risk from smoking and reduces the cravings for tobacco.

Reduction of Fatality Rate

Smokers that exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes a day will decrease their exposure to fatal consequences contributed to the consumption of tobacco use. With exercise they reduce their risk of strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes by 20 to 30 percent. In addition, there is a 25 percent reduction rate in cancer deaths for smokers that workout regularly compared to those who do not exercise. Furthermore, tobacco users that practice a vigorous physical activity will decrease their desire to smoke and are more likely to quit smoking altogether.

Aerobic exercise such as walking will improve the cardiovascular system and lower the smokers danger of cardiovascular disease. Moderate workout among smokers was associated with a 65 percent threat reduction. Furthermore, the Universities of Minnesota and Pennsylvania, report in the December issue of Cancer Epidemiology’s lead author on the study, Kathryn Schmitz, Ph. D. says, “Smokers who exercise are at a 35 percent lower risk of developing lung cancer.

Regular endurance exercise in women who smoked reduce their risk of lung cancer by 72 percent. And pregnant women that smoke are 25 percent more likely to quit smoking if they start exercising and maintain a healthy exercise program. Everyone wants to be healthier these days, but not everyone wants to give up their recreational substances.

Brisk walking, riding a bike, swimming, pumping weights, or working out at your local fitness center is all it takes to lower the hazards from smoking. Tobacco users that exercise lower their craving for cigarettes and reduce their health vulnerability by a significant amount making it worth keeping in shape. The longer someone smokes, the more serious the exposure.

Fatality Exposure

The American Heart Association estimates that 440,000 smokers die each year, and are two to four times more likely to die of Coronary Heart Disease, and Strokes than non-smokers.

Smokers who choose not to practice a fitness routine increase their risk of Heart Disease by 30 percent. It is estimated that nearly one-fifth of deaths from Heart Disease are attributable to smoking, and is the cause of one-third of all cancers. In addition to that the overall death rate from cancer is twice as high among smokers than nonsmokers. Heavy smokers are four times more likely than nonsmokers to get cancer.

Regular physical fitness makes it easier to quit smoking. It will probably take a week of regular stimulus exercise before you feel the improvement of your cardiovascular system. The affect smoking has on the body is tremendous. It slows down the functions of the muscles and oxygen in the body, which leaves the smoker with less energy and poorer health. In all the studies done there is proof that exercise can make vital changes in the chemistry of the smoker’s body. Thereby, reducing the exposure of harmful consequences.

Many people are still lighting up and taking a tole on their health. Smokers enjoy that relaxing feeling from smoking, but pay a price with their health. None the less, tobacco users who maintain a routine of vigorous activity are more likely to quite smoking, or lower their intake of cigarettes. The power of the mind is able to overcome anything with enough mental discipline and will-power to succeed at the chosen goal so it is important to educate themselves about health and fitness. Sometimes, people don’t care about their health because they are not aware of the possible harm it could impose on them. So visit and learn about hip flexors.

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