Grand Theft Auto iii


The intro is brief. I liked that. I was able to get going in the game pretty rapidly. It established the back-story, at least a little bit and got me going in the game quickly.

Getting Going:

An in-game tutorial lets you know what to do pretty effectively. The camera angles weren’t the best and, while you can change them, that isn’t explained until further into play. And, once again, my ability to keep a virtual car on the road just sucked. I couldn’t always tell by the graphics that there was a curb there or some other obstacle.


This game is highly rated, but I found it a bit simplistic. The missions are brief. You’re told what to do and where to go. There weren’t a lot of decisions being made here.


There is certainly a lot to look at in Grand Theft Auto III. I loved that vehicles I crashed into showed damage. I loved that the vehicle I was driving showed damage and smoked, started on fire, even exploded. This game is huge and detailed. When you also play this game on gta mods ps4, the visuals and graphics are undeniably amazing. You can make more fun and enjoy on this amazing game. The graphics of this game is one of the best in the gaming community.


With so much music to choose from, one will never get bored. The voice-acting is flawless.


The game does seem to play against me well. There are timed missions, so it obviously knows if I’m doing something in the allotted time. It knew I was wrecking the car I was putting a bomb in and showed me where to get it repaired. The NPC’s seemed rounded and had personalities of their own. There seemed to be a back-story for the major ones that I encountered.


The car didn’t drive well. I had trouble with the camera angles. The missions seemed simplistic; “Go to the [blip on map] and do [related task].” So, no, I didn’t find this game very immersive.


In most games, you can simply use the right stick to look around. In GTA III, it was the L2 and R2 buttons. It seemed like I had to constantly stop to look toward oncoming traffic or see where I was going. The map is a tiny HUD in the upper left corner. You can see the general direction you need to go in for the blip, but not how close or far away it is or what the best route might be. This certainly would have been helpful information in a timed mission.


I found controlling the cars to be frustrating. They weren’t very responsive in tight turns, but seemed all over the road otherwise.


This game is a hugely popular, raunchy, irreverent game with a lot to offer due to it’s sandbox style and witty humor.


I haven’t written as much as I usually write on a game because my overall impression of this one is “Meh”. Sometimes I wonder if reviewers figure “everyone else liked this game; I should, too”. Sometimes I wonder if players are the same way. I didn’t like Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec because I sucked at playing it. The game itself had a lot to offer in graphics, sound and re-playability. I just didn’t like it. I wasn’t that jazzed with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 because I didn’t see why it made the top 3 spot. Mostly, that’s why. It’s a good game. I could play it more. It’s just not stunning or over-whelmingly fun, for me. But, with GTA III, I just don’t get the hype. Rockstar put a lot of work, effort and assets into this game. There is a lot to play with. I just couldn’t bring myself to care.

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